Aren’t weekends supposed to be relaxing? I think I missed that boat this weekend.

Yesterday morning, I did another session at the dinner place. I spent 2 hours preparing 12 meals to be placed in my freezer and pulled out for dinner the next few weeks. I have enough now, to not have to worry about “cooking” 3x a week for the next 5 weeks. But yes, I’m still going back in November. I think I’m addicted. I really enjoy my time there, assembling the meals. I do love to cook, and though this isn’t exactly like cooking, it was still fun to me.

They had their Thanksgiving sheet and December treats sheets up. I noticed they’re doing deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving. For $25 I can get an 11pound deep fried turkey. I’ve always wanted to try deep fried turkey and though I’m perfectly capable of baking my own, we don’t have the equipment necessary for deep frying one. So Josh agreed that it would be okay to buy our turkey from them this year, so I can have a deep fried one 🙂 We’ll make the rest of our accompanying side-dishes, just not the turkey.

He nixed the idea of buying the “dough” for cookies from them. Too expensive. But damn they had some tasty choices!

Also yesterday I read through all of the submissions for the 2007 Samhain Christmas Anthology, made notes and rated them. Another editor, Jessica, is in charge of this anthology, but for special anthologies we try to have two editors read submissions and “rate” them, to make the decision process more…spread between two opinions. I read many, many Christmas stories. Most of them contemporaries so they started to run together just a bit 🙁

Then, Josh and I did a grocery shopping trip (a brief one) at Wal-mart.

This morning I woke up and got started on content editor tests. There were 16 of those to go through. I’ve been working on reading them all day. I did take a two hour break to clip coupons, sort and look at grocery store fliers and make lists. That’s work in itself. Then back to content editor tests. Then a 2 hour trip to the grocery store with the husband and the evil demon spawn. I am TIRED.

Sadly, though I know I got a lot done, I still have things on my to-do list not marked off. Like finalizing decisions for content editors. Going through all of the documents given to new content editors. Looking at an FLE that was sent back to me. Sending some rather important emails (like one for a contest I’m judging). HOW can I have worked all weekend and still have so much not done?

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