Thank you to the anonymous stranger who reported to my credit card company that they’d found the credit card I didn’t even know I lost. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t take it shopping since we all know you could have gone to Walmart and had a shopping spree–they don’t really care whose credit card you use as long as they’re making money.

On the same note, a rude gesture to the credit card company for not calling me and letting me know said credit card was reported found and that the account was closed. Two weeks and five phone calls later I finally found this information out–only because I wanted to make a payment. But of the five people I spoke with, two were friendly and helpful. I guess that’s pretty good odds when dealing with a credit card company and the asshatedness off drudge workers who hate their job. So thanks to the two friendly people for finally getting me straightened out and letting me make a payment and NOT charging me $15 to do it over the phone like the 3 other morons wanted to do. Trust me, if you hadn’t closed my account without telling me I WOULD have made that payment online.

Today Brianna and I went and visited a *gasp* daycare. Starting the first week in November, she’ll be going to daycare two mornings a week. I decided this last month, it was a big step for me. There’s a local college daycare that will accept community children if there’s space. It’s a good deal, will cost me only $100/month for the 2 mornings a week. She’ll be home after 12:30, time to snuggle with me and then go for her nap. It was important to me not to send her for full days, because I still want her home for naptime. But I desperately need a few hours a week of uninterrupted work time, to be productive. So I pulled up my big girl panties and made the decision to send my baby to daycare. *sniffle* I’m sure you’ll get to hear more about it when the time comes.

But yes, we visited today, to pick up the paperwork. When we drove up, Brianna immediately starts with “oooh, slides! oooh, lots of kids! ooooh crocodile! ooooh (other things she thought she saw).” lolol, everything was oooh. That means she’s impressed. I’m glad, I think she’ll have a great time. She doesn’t start until the first week of November because they don’t take kids younger than 2. That also means she’ll probably be the youngest there. Eep.

In other news, I went to bellydancing tonight. That class kicks my ass. I didn’t walk out of there until almost 9pm. That’s an hour and a half of dancing. My ass hurts (because you use those muscles to kick your hips up). But I practiced this week *grin* so I was one of the few who knew the first two combinations of the routine that she taught us last week. So I didn’t feel so lost. We learned two more combinations for the routine. And I learned that I’ve been shaking my hips wrong. *sob* I didn’t know. Bellydancing is HARD. And it reminds me, forcefully, of how not graceful I am. Some people have natural rhythm and talent for things like this. I’m not one of them, thus, the practicing.

And I have to say, there are a lot of people skipping like every other class. I don’t get it. It’s an 8 week course, we paid EIGHTY dollars. That’s $10 they’re pissing away every time they skip. And then we have to wait for them to be taught the stuff they missed the class before. That kind of irritates me.

I have a lot on my to-do list. I’ve been plugging away. If my email program explodes, it’s my fault. I’ve sent a good hundred emails in the past few days. Probably more. I am quickly reaching a point where I don’t want to do anything on my to-do list and it’s some important shit. Like hiring content editors *waves to lurking applicants* But this is part of the reason I didn’t post yesterday. No Teaching Tuesday because those brain cells were engaged in recreating the content editor handbook. Much needed work completed but ugggh. I’m ready to go back to editing!

I also had this brilliant idea of proposing a workshop for RWA next year. Uh huh. Those proposals are due November 1st which is like…2 weeks away. Um. Anyone care to write my proposal for me?

And in one last moment of randomness, ohmygod. My baby is going to be TWO on Sunday. Sunday! I remember when she was still pressing against my bladder and my xyphoid process (look it up) both at the same time and giving me heartburn. Surely she can’t be two already? Waaaah.

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