To write a check to the vet for a hundred dollars!

See, my husband, he’s a wily one. We were just talking the other day about puppies and how I want a puppy. But then again, not really because it’s a lot of work and it ties us to the house more than our two cats do right now. He’d seen an ad for some free Pomeranian puppies and I said “ooooh” (now you know where Brianna gets it from). But we agreed it’s not a good time for a puppy.

So last night, Josh drives Brianna to stay with my in-laws for the evening. After a couple hours, I find myself thinking he’s been gone for a really long time. I call him to find out why. He hedges. I think he’s been in an accident (with my truck) or been pulled over (again). But no, he says it’s nothing bad. Then he says “oh, you might have heard it.” Umm, no, I didn’t.

He’s just around the corner and says he’ll be home in two minutes. Indeed he is and in he walks with this:

Ha! Bet you thought it was going to be a puppy, didn’t you? But no, my husband, the softest hearted guy you’ll ever meet when it comes to animals, was driving with Brianna and happened to spot this little speck of black fur on the side of the road. He parked and trekked back a half mile down the road, with 2 year old in tow, until he came to where he could hear the kitten. And then he hunted for it because he couldn’t see it, he could only hear it. Which begs the question just HOW he saw it, while driving. He’s not sure either. Josh reports that when they found the kitten and he said “baby kitty” Brianna wanted to know “where mommy kitty?” *sniff*

We’re now the *cough, cough* proud owners of a new kitten. In between birthday pictures and celebrating, we squeezed in a trip to the local vet on Sunday. This little guy, who the vet says is 7 weeks old, was not only as hungry as only a starving baby can be, but he also has fleas and worms and an upper respiratory infection. Oh my. So we were sent home with ointment for the eye (to be applied three times a day), antibiotics (to be given two times a day), a pill for heartworm, flea medication, a follow-up appointment for next week (when he’ll probably need shots) and a kitten that needs to eat 4x a day but who hasn’t managed to poop in the 24 hours that we’ve owned him. And he has to be kept seperated from our two cats, as he is highly contagious.

But he’s cute as a button and so loving and affectionate, we really didn’t have any choice but to fix him up and probably keep him. I mean, really, what were our options? He has a motor on him that doesn’t quit, he’s happy to show his belly and be petted and he loves to be rubbed and loved. All together now…awwww. Brianna thinks he’s just the best thing ever, though her time with him is limited since he’s got some major fleas that need to be exterminated before he’s really playmate material (oh, and the vet “warned” me not to let her eat any of the worms that might drop from the kitten’s bottom as the worms are expelled—ewwwwww, as if! and thanks for the visual, doc.)

He doesn’t have a name yet. My MIL insists it should be Hyatt (because, ironically enough, he was found in front of the Hyatt) but I’m not convinced. Our other cats are Oliver and Trish and I don’t want them to make fun of him for having a weird name 😉 So the next order of business is to get him healthy and to find him a name. But in the meantime, I know you’re dying to see a few more pictures!

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