Umm…pretty easy as I’ve discovered.

Someone forwarded me a weekly “marketing report” for this week, which featured a summary of the NJRW Editor’s panel. First, I’m happy to say that nowhere in the report did it mention that I have the inability to spell Samhain, so good for me 😉

But as I was reading through, I realized that while the report *almost* gets it right, there are times when it’s not quite what I said. I thought I’d correct a few things, since I realize people have landed here after Googling my name and Samhain in the past few days (I’m assuming after reading the report). Emphasis in bold is mine.

Paranormals: Stacy Boyd – Silhouette/Luna spoke about the Nocturne imprint as requiring strong “world-building” with strong romantic elements, darker edgier heroes. They did not seek lighter paranormals. Selena James (Kensington) remarked that Paranormals can contain non-traditional elements, shape-shifters, futuristic elements, etc.
Rose Hilliard (St Martin’s Press) wanted ghosts, incubi, succubi, and new takes on paranormal events. Lucia Macro (Avon) suggested such material be sent to Erica Tsang at Avon. Angela James (Samhain) wanted futuristic material only if it had a great twist on it.

Actually, what I said is that I wanted futuristics because readers like them, but we get very few submitted. And I also said that we were looking for paranormals if THEY had a unique twist on them–especially werewolf and vampire. It’s a small difference but pretty key, I think, since we get far, far more vampire/werewolf submissions than we do futuristics.

Other: Sports is no longer ‘out’, however, it needs to be done with a light touch, and have a strong story. Angela James (Samhain) mentioned that readers have indicated an interest in Nascar racing in recent surveys. What’s over-tired/out? Selena James (Kensington) does not accept material where children are in jeopardy, killing animals, etc. Stacy Boyd – Silhouette/Luna does not look for inspirationals, which are sent to Steeple Hill. Material which includes references to 911 is acceptable, but Lucia Macro –Avon will not consider material where it is a main focus. All the editors were actively seeking contemporary romances. All the Editors were looking for Paranormal and Historical Romance, except Patience and Denise. All wanted Romantic Suspense except Stacy Boyd. All but Denise wanted women’s fiction. Stacy Patience and Denise did not want Erotic Romance. There was some interest in multi-cultural. Rose Hilliard of St Martin’s Press, Angela James (Samhain) and Selena (Kensington) were seeking Young Adult material.

Umm, no really, I just said that NASCAR has a growing fan base with women, as do other sports, and that stories featuring NASCAR and others (I believe I targeted football) have a place in romance. Surveys? What surveys?

The Editors were asked – ‘What material are you looking for?’ Here are their responses:

Stacy Boyd – Silhouette/Luna: Excellent paranormals, dark and gritty.
Selena James (Kensington) : Exciting Romantic Suspense
Rose Hilliard (St Martin’s Press): A story so well written it ruins me for any other!
Lucia Macro –Avon: The next Phillipa Gregory. She also likes Gothic romance.
Angela James (Samhain): sexy futuristic romance, cyber-punk (like Emma Holly) with romantic elements, action adventures like National Treasure, where something is to be achieved, as well as the romantic element.
Patience Smith – Silhouette Intimate Moments/Romantic Suspense is seeking 65K work Romantic Suspense novels.
Denise Zaza – Harlequin Intrigue/Mira is looking for high drama, powerful palpable and gripping stories.

It’s the cyberpunk part. I said I would love to see a good cyberpunk (anyone who knows me knows I’ve been asking for this since I started) and barring that, a good steampunk. Jade Lee, who was in the audience, spoke up and asked what steampunk was. I said she could see me after the panel for a discussion of genre definitions (sadly, she never did) but to think Emma Holly’s Demon’s Daughter as an example. I swear, I never said Emma Holly writes cyberpunk. lolol.

But I did totally use the movie National Treasure as an example for an action adventure. I have shivers just thinking of an awesome, fast-paced, sexy book like that.

If you’d like to see the whole report and get more like it, this is passed on courtesy of cynthiasterling- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com (send a blank email to join)

And if you’re dying to submit a fabulous action-adventure sexy futuristic with cyberpunk elements in which the heroine is a world-class NASCAR driver, please visit the Samhain submissions page

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