You know what I did today?

I sent emails. I’m at around 75 emails and counting (that’s not even counting the emails I sent to more than one person at a time). Oh yes, my life is glamourous, oh so glamourous. And in case you’re wondering, yes, all but about 5 were work related in some manner. And people wonder why I’m busy.

On the non-editor side, I took Brianna for her 2 year check up. She got shots. She cried. And then she said “All done?” The nurse put one round Snoopy bandaid on each of the shot marks. Brianna was not happy when I covered up the “stickers” by putting her tights back on. I appeased her with much bigger stickers from the reception area. Strawberry Shortcake even.

My MIL took Brianna home with her for the day and I then ran to Brianna’s new daycare and dropped off all the paperwork. She’s now all set to start daycare Tuesday and Thursday mornings, starting next Thursday. We’re not starting Tuesday because we’re hosting a playdate/birthday party Tuesday afternoon. Her friend Regan turns 2 next week so they’re having a joint Halloween birthday party.

Tomorrow, Brianna gets to wear her Halloween costume for soccer. She’s going to be a pirate and I haven’t seen the costume on yet because my MIL was altering it. I can’t wait! And tomorrow night, as long as it’s not raining we’ll go to a local Halloween event for kids–kind of trick or treating.

There’s also a Christmas craft fair this weekend that I want to take in. And of course, cleaning and decorating for the birthday party. Fun stuff. It’s my plan to NOT be at the computer most of the weekend, after tomorrow morning when Josh and Brianna get back from soccer. Only long enough to…answer emails. See? Glamourous, I told you.

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