Remember I said that Brianna needed to dress up for soccer this morning? I took a few pictures. Now, let me just say that for some reason we got her costume on and she went into full pout mode. AND her new way of pouting involves laying face down on the floor behind the couch (where we can’t directly see her) and not moving. Even when you stand over her and point and laugh (yes, we’re kind parents). We referred to her as “dead pirate” when she did this. Not even tickling could convince her to move. Why was she pouting? We’ll never know but she did it twice. Hence some of the fun faces I captured on film 😉 I should note, this isn’t her complete outfit. There are “boots” and a pirate hat, but for soccer we just went with this. Too bad you can’t hear her saying “Argh, me matey!”

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