Several months ago, one of the moms I know from Brianna’s birth month board (yes, we all had babies in the same month–they’re two now–we’ve been “together” since preganancy. Longer than some marriages last. But I digress). Anyway, Leslie posted about this new blog feed that she’d been using, Snarfer. At the time I was using Kinja, which is web-based, and while it worked okay, there were always blogs I couldn’t get through that feed and it frustrated me. And Kinja always had bugs and would sometimes take hours to crawl a site. And sometimes it wouldn’t crawl blogs like Smart Bitches but once or twice a week and I’d get 5 days worth of posts dumped in there at once. Did I mention it frustrated me?

But about a week after Leslie posted about it, I decided to give Snarfer a shot. It’s a little different than Kinja because it’s not web-based, it’s Windows based. Like Outlook. So I have mine to set automatically to log on when I boot up my computer. That and Yahoo Messenger. If I could set Outlook to start automatically, too, I would. I think I need therapy.

ANYWAY. Once I got all my feeds going in Snarfer, and they’ve gotten some bugs worked out and I learned to use it, I’ve found I love it. I’ve been using it for two months and I’m very happy with it. And you know what makes me happiest? Blogs I normally couldn’t get on Kinja so I never read–I only read via blog feed, I need the reminder–I can now get through Snarfer. All livejournals (I’m sure ferfelebat and her anti-editor repelling software are thrilled with that) and blogs like Jordan Summers and Meljean Brooks, both of whom I find very interesting and entertaining but never remember to go check because–they weren’t in my blog feed– are now in my blog feed and I can read their posts every day. And that is why I’m happy. See how simple I am? (but not so simple I can’t defeat the anti-editor software on ferfe’s livejournal so ha!)

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