Today, Josh and I had a quite deep and meaningful debate on the way to lunch. Being intelligent people, it was a lively conversation and covered both the pros and cons of the topic.

Oh yes, a riveting topic–which is better? The Australian version of Hi-5 or the American version?

I commented that the Australian version at least has interesting accents to listen to, the cast members sing better–and sound better singing together as a group, and the two male members are better looking.

Josh felt that I was correct on the singing and the accents, and the guys of the American version might be a little geeky, but he doesn’t like Nathan of the Australian version–especially when he says the line “I’m a firefighter, it’s my job.”, while he does like Curtis of the American version. Shawn–eh, take him or leave him. Oh, and the clown skit on the Australian version? So not Josh’s cup of tea.

Final conclusion: I think we’d both rather watch (or listen to since we play the dvd in the car and we can’t see the dvd player, can only hear it) the Australian version. And Hi-5 is much better than some of the other irritating children’s shows out there. And the fact that it’s very musically oriented but teaches basic things (color, shape, imaginary play) is a plus. So two thumbs up for Hi-5, whether the American or Australian version.

I wonder what we talked about pre-Brianna? Probably boring things like politics and ethics.

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