Jaci does a to-do list on Mondays on her blog, and normally I don’t do one, because I know I have a lot to do and it just stresses me out to actually write it down somewhere. But today I feel a compulsion to write it down because there’s so much on my to-do list and I might actually need a checksheet.

*Post office run (for one poster tube, 17 paperback swap books, 3 boxes and 7 large envelopes of books).
*Vet appointment for Max (because I waited for an hour yesterday and didn’t get in to see the vet because a poisoned dog was rushed in right when it was our turn. *sigh* poor dog)
*Finish cleaning house for birthday party tomorrow
*put together treat bags for birthday party
*get helium tank to fill balloons
*decorate with Halloween decorations for birthday party
*finish edits on book and return to author
*keep up with emails

*birthday party for way too many toddlers. WHAT was I thinking?
*keep up with emails
*isn’t that enough for tomorrow?
*But no, tomorrow is Halloween. Trick or treating.
*dinner at in-laws
*drop from sheer exhuastion

Rest of week:
*Get Brianna’s things ready for first day of daycare Thursday. Figure out what the hell to send for lunch
*edit and return 3 books to different authors
*Get RWA workshop proposal turned in–due Wednesday
*tumbling class for Brianna
*Belly dancing class for me
*missed belly dancing last week due to cold. Learn moves I missed before class on Wednesday
*keep up with emails
*all the other stuff I’m forgetting

Dear God. Someone hold me.

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