Pimping a chance to win…

One of my authors, Lorelei James, writes mysteries for Medallion under the name Lori Armstrong. As an unhappy twist of fate for Lori, no review copies got sent out for her newest book, just released in November, so she’d like to get the word out about Hallowed Ground. A wonderful friend of hers, Mary Stella, is offering readers a chance to win one of five copies. I’m pimping the contest for Lori because it’s an awful thing, not to have advance promo for your book. So go on over and read about Hallowed Ground and see if you can’t win yourself a copy!

Thirteen thoughts from my bookstore trip

Tuesday night I went to the bookstore for browsing for the first time in a very long while. Most of my browsing has been done online in recent months. When there was a bookstore in our mall, I used to browse there at least once a week (as often as I was at the mall) but since that bookstore closed last year**, I don’t find I’m hitting the stand alone Barnes and Noble very often at all. But I found myself with a 25% off coupon that was expiring last night so I left Josh and Brianna at home and took myself off to the bookstore.

I pretty much knew I was going to buy Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank which released yesterday, but that didn’t stop me from spending 45 minutes browsing the store. So here’s thirteen thoughts or things I observed.


You can run…

Proof that he really did like her! One of the other moms caught this shot (thanks, Melissa!)

And a bonus picture, because she’s cute 🙂

What does it look like to you?

I snapped this picture at the mall today, we were there for a playdate. When we first got there, this little boy was cozying up to Brianna and kept getting closer and closer…and closer. I don’t know who he is, he wasn’t with our group, but he sure liked Brianna!

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