I don’t normally do Thursday thirteen, but I have a bunch of random thoughts that I wanted to blog about, so this seemed the best way.

1. It’s quiet here. Today is Brianna’s first day of daycare.

2. Bellydancing was last night. My teacher pulled me aside after class and said I was coming along nicely and really making improvements. I wonder if she meant it or if she knew I needed to hear it, because I love doing it but feel frustrated if I don’t get it right. Yes, I’m one of those people who can’t just do something and enjoy it, I also want to be good at it, dammit. There are only 2 classes left, but she’s holding a 3 class mini-session in December, and then regular classes will start again in January. I’m happy 🙂

3. My lips are hellishly chapped. They hurt. My body is saying I didn’t drink enough water.

4. The four new editors I hired are quite awesome. I’m incredibly pleased with how well they’re doing in their first two weeks. Every one of them is quick on the uptake. It’s wonderful.

5. Shannon blogged about things that don’t amuse her. This is one would have been on my list too: An author who is viciously bashing a bestselling author along with her own peers under the veil of anonymous blogging. A very, very thin veil. As in…a shitload of people know who she is. (Absolutely no breadcrumbs. Sorry.) It doesn’t amuse me either. In fact, it amuses me less and less each time a post goes up. And I started out not being amused.

6. Jordan Summers sold to Tor. Go congratulate her. And check out her blog while you’re there. She’s always interesting.

7. I have three ARCs I’m dying to read. But I’ve done like…no reading in the past month. I’m reading Jaci’s Surviving Demon Island (which is an amazing experience because I saw this book in it’s first stages and Jaci has written…something so incredible) right now. Like 10 pages a day *eye roll*. I’m also reading Collen Gleason’s book, which I just want an uninterrupted 3 hours so I can sit down and sink into it. She’s got a new and interesting twist on the vampire mythology and I love that it’s a historical. And last, Meljean sent me her book to read. It’s in PDF format so I have to read it on my Ipaq or on the laptop. I need a day of just reading. That is not going to happen, I’m thinking. Dammit. Lara Adrian, I know you’re lurking 😉 don’t think this means I don’t have time to read yours. I’ve been hearing fabulous things about it and I’m waaaaaiiiitttttiiiinggggg. Just saying.

8. Dear Author reviewed the one Nocturne that I started and Discarded, Eternally by Maureen Child. I haven’t read the other two in my pile because I was so disappointed in this one. Anyone read any of the Nocturnes and have thoughts to share? Jayne thinks I should suck it up (my words, not hers) and read them so I can pass along if they were any good 😉

9. I took Max (the new kitten) back to the vet on Monday for his follow-up check up. He has ear mites. I spent another $130 on him. He’s been quite the expensive birthday “find” for Brianna, but she sure does love him and he lets her carry him around. He’s so affectionate and sweet, it’s hard to bregrudge him the money spent.

10. My husband has been feeding a “stray” cat that lives in the neighborhood. It’s because he has a soft heart and loves animals. But now said cat comes to my front door at all hours of the day and cries. It’s been here…three times this morning already. And yes, I fed it. Not only did I feed it (leftover wet catfood from the fridge) but I actually warmed the daggone catfood up first, so it wouldn’t be ice cold. Sap. But I’ve told Josh that we’re going to have to do something about said cat. It has no collar, so it may or may not be someone’s cat, but it has to go. I’m afraid one of our cats will get out (they run out the door, ocassionally) and will get in a fight with the cat. So this cat is going to have to go to a shelter. I’m not okay with people letting their pets wander the neighborhood, sorry.

11. Can someone out there reading tell me how much the conference fees for RWA are? Information needed for decision making 🙂

12. I had to pass on five of my authors to the new editors, to lighten my schedule and to get them started with books on the schedule. It was a very hard decision and I know it’s hard for the authors not to take it personally. Some parts of my job are harder than others 🙁

13. Samhain Publishing has a new look to their website. It’s really quite gorgeous and has a very nice search feature (you can search by author, title or different tag words), RSS feed and lovely sidebars with information. Next up is a Samhain blog in the next few weeks, attached to the website. I’ll let you know when that’s up and running.

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