Like Mean Mommy~Bitch Editor because I’m just pissing in everyone’s cornflakes this week. :fire: Today, it was my daughter’s (figuratively speaking of course). Anyone who’s been to my house knows there are an overabundance of toys downstairs. Brianna has the sunroom, which is her very own room basically, to store books and a toybox. Then we also have a small bookshelf with stuffed animals and books on it in the living room. And a toybox. And some various toys that sit around. In short, we have a shitload of toys around the place. The toyboxes are fairly small wicker things, so they don’t hold a ton of toys, but they were overlowing with a bunch of little toys that just get spread around.

So today I went through all of Brianna’s downstairs toys because there were just too many and all she did was throw everything out of the box, which the three of us (Brianna, Josh and I) would then have to pick up every night. I carried about half the stuffed animals to her bedroom upstairs. One of the wicker toyboxes became a storage place for her shoes and hats (both of which she has a lot of). The second went up to her room with just a few toys in it. We were given a hand-me-down plastic toybox (larger than the other two) so we transferred some toys to that. But along with the stuffed animals that went upstairs I removed TWO yes two boxes of toys to go to storage.

We made a mistake in not putting the boxes away before Brianna got up from her nap so she started pulling things out (of course, toys she hasn’t played with in months). Then, she walked away and discovered the bag that we’d been collecting garbage in. In this bag were all of the balloons from her party, that had died and were just dragging around on the ground. Josh cut them all and threw them in this bag. Brianna dumped it out and there was, in the bag, a crayon. Of course the whole lot got gathered up for the trash and you’d have thought Josh had just killed Brianna’s best friend (currently Max) because she sobbed and sobbed to have those things taken from her. Bad Daddy 😉

The good news/bad news? There are still plenty of toys to be spread around. More than plenty (that’s Brianna’s good news, my bad news). But there might not be too many that my floor will be covered, and Brianna will have room to chase Max across the house (Brianna and my good news, Max’s bad news, lolol)

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