Now, if you read my blog you know I love Netflix and Blockbuster Online got two thumbs down from me because I was ticked at them BUT they’ve changed how they worked and this is too great of a deal not to pass on. If this works out, I’ll be ditching Netflix next month!

Go to and sign up for a free month’s trial with this code: 39538

That will get you three movies at a time for a month.

So, what’s so great about this? It’s the new program they’ve set up. Instead of returning your movies via the mail (which you can still do) if you return the movies in the store, you get free movie rentals equal to the number of movies you’re returning. So if you have three mailers with the dvds in them, you get three free movie rentals.

In addition, the system is automatically triggered so they send out your next three movies the next business day. Essentially giving you six movies.

And since Blockbuster doesn’t have late fees, you can keep your three in-store rentals, wait until you get and watch your three online rentals and then return all six to the store, coming away with three more instore rentals to watch while you wait for your next three online to arrive.

So not only do you cut out the wait time for sending back to them (so you only have the wait time of them delivering to you) but you can go straight to the store and pick up those movies that are brand new and have a long wait.

You also get a coupon for one extra rental each month, kind of a little bonus in case you don’t have a mailer to turn in but you want to rent a movie.

The program is called Blockbuster Total Acess and the only thing you need to verify before you start is that your store is a Total Access store. Just go to Blockbuster Online store locater, put in your zipcode and it will say Total Access next to it if it’s a participating store!

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