Carry on if you don’t have young children, like…under 10 or if you dislike depressing topics. I’ve been involved in several carseat safety conversations lately. Mostly, I think carseats are so important for the same reason that I dislike motorcycles–not because of my own driving but because of all the other nutjobs, people not paying attention (I’m talking to you cellphone talkers) or impaired drivers.

When Brianna was young, I never took her out of the carseat to nurse. Josh and I always pulled off the road to do this. There were just too many variables of things that could happen, out of my control, so I controlled what I could–and that meant if the car was moving, Brianna was in her carseat. I say that in past tense but she’s still in a carseat, so the rule still holds.

I don’t agree with those people who ride with babies on their laps, who don’t have a carseat for their 3 year old and who aren’t knowledgeable about the fact that their 5 or 6 year old also needs to be in some sort of restraint, not just a seatbelt. Yeah, you might be the best driver in the world, but they’re called accidents because they’re just that–unintentional and unplanned, occurring at any time and often when you least expect it.

The below video was posted on the birth month board. It doesn’t necessarily emphasize the importance of carseats (thought that’s readily apparent in the video) but the importance of a tether system and 5 point harness. A lot of cars aren’t tether capable and neither are most carseats beyond the Britax rated well with the tether system. But I’m not really posting this message for the information about 5 point harnesses or tether systems, but more as a powerful reminder about always being conscious of carseat safety.

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