It’s Friday and I feel as though this has been a long week. I’m incredibly tired, I haven’t been sleeping well, for whatever reason. And of course, I’ve been working late at night (last night I went to bed at 1am) and getting up early (6:30 is when I usually wake up) so that doesn’t help. I don’t think being tired helps the crankiness. I’m super cranky. I mean, I’ll kill you if you look at me wrong cranky. This means that little things irritate me (one night it was Josh eating Pop Rocks. I’m telling you, if I’d have had a gun, he’d have been a goner). I don’t want the cats walking on me–sadly, they like to walk all over me. I don’t want to hear Brianna’s whining–she’s 2, she does a lot of whining and I don’t want to have to do…anything. I’d be happy lying on the couch staring at the ceiling.

But lying on the couch staring at the ceiling is not an option. For one thing, Brianna wouldn’t allow it. And the cats would just lay on me on the couch. For another, I have these pesky things called deadlines and obligations. The good news is, tomorrow I’ll be forced to be away from work and the computer all day. We have Brianna’s last soccer practice of this term, I’m going to take pictures. Then a trip to the in-laws to drop the evil demonette off and to pick up some firewood. And tomorrow night, Josh’s work “employee appreciation” party. So I get to dress up and have free food, at least 😉 And no work, there won’t be time.

I still have to deal with today, though, and being tired and cranky has me spinning my wheels. A lot to do but feeling like I don’t know where to start. Bleh.

So, help me out, what do you do to snap out of it when you hit your limit and crabby is all you’ve got?

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