Today was one of those days where I just wanted to say “Calgon, take me away” and have it happen. You know the kind, where you just can’t get anything done, you spend your day saying “no”, “get down from there” and “what stinks?”

For whatever reason, both Brianna and the kitten went manic on me today. Brianna totally destroyed the living room, toys everywhere. But still managed to ask me to read to her, rock with her or play with her every five minutes (and I did). She was a combination of needy, naughty and whiny. She walked up to one cat and just hit her out of the blue. Walked up to another and kicked him. She spent 2 minutes in time-out–buck naked because she was on her way from the bathroom when she got time out. However, time out didn’t seem too painful because she’s now realized she’s sitting in front of a window and can lift the shade to look out. Time for a new time out spot. *sigh*

Meanwhile, the kitten decided to hang from a lamp shade. I yelled at him, disentangled him and sent him on his way. He later came to sit on my lap with two paws full of crap. Second day in a row. So he got a sink bath. I got claw marks on various parts of my body. And in further retaliation, he went for the lamp shade again and this time succeeded in shattering the light bulb, sending glass pieces all over the floor. I think he sensed murder in my eyes because he disappeared upstairs for 3 hours for a nap.

I’m telling you, I think I heard a chorus of angels break out in song when I finally got Brianna down for a nap. Now *I* need a nap but I’m resisting mightily because I want to get some work done so I can take the weekend off and read and catch up on Veronica Mars (just for you, Sasha!)

Is it tomorrow yet?

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