And I’m thankful for my mother-in-law who’s cooking the entire meal today. There was nothing I could contribute. So I made sticky buns for my family this morning and now I have time to play on the computer before getting “ready” to go.

Since Brianna is getting older, I started thinking more about holiday traditions. I don’t remember any significant traditions my family had for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I thought it would be nice to have at least one or two for Brianna for each holiday. Because traditions can give sense of heritage, of family–evoke warm feelings.

So this morning, like I said, I made sticky buns. Maybe that will be one of our Thanksgiving “traditions”. I turned on the Macy’s Parade for Brianna and she’s actually been watching. She likes the musical pieces from the Broadway plays. She’s my daughter for sure, because that’s my favorite part, too 🙂

This afternoon we’ll spend with my in-laws, totally gorging ourselves on food that, did I mention, I didn’t have to make? And Josh and I are talking about taking in a movie later in the afternoon. Maybe next year, when Brianna is older, we can take her and start another tradition.

But whatever we choose to do, in the end, I know it doesn’t matter as long as we’re together. Because it’s easy to be thankful, to have that sense of family and warm feelings, when you’re with the people you love. I hope all of you out there are experiencing the same today, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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