Okay (Sasha), I’m all caught up with Veronica Mars. Josh and I agreed that this season is the weakest of the three seasons and part of the reason is because Veronica is not only somewhat unlikeable, but they also have her doing stupid things, when previously she’s been a fairly savvy girl.

For one thing, leaving her drink on the table by itself? Um…duh. She’s already had experience with the date rape drug, I would think she wouldn’t want another and leaving your drink anywhere unattended is the first rule of things not-to-do. And Veronica would know this.

Second, she’s attacked and then they show her in the next episode walking alone, late at night, in a secluded spot. Duh again. Any woman knows better than this and one would think Veronica would take extra care. Whether or not she carries a taser because that’s not much protection against an assualt from behind. I didn’t like it. Those two actions, had they been performed by a character in a book, would have been enough to earn her TSTL status. I’m disappointed that Rob Thomas (the show’s writer) would let a previously strong, smart character go that route for the sake of the storyline.

As for being unlikeable, it’s a sad thing when Logan is right. Veronica does expect everyone else to change and/or do things her way, while providing allowances for it just being who she is. And now she just avoids phone calls and lives elsewhere rather than dealing with the two people who love her (her dad and Logan?) Again, what happened to the head-on character we previously knew and loved. She’s become a judgemental, avoidant b–brat?

So the most recent episode both Josh and I thought was the worst Veronica Mars episode to date. We’re hoping that this week’s episode will renew our faith in Veronica Mars. Truthfully, this is not the season for new watcher’s to jump in because it’s not the show’s strongest and if there are rumors of it not returning for another season, well, the writing needs to step it up this season.

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