Last week I got the link to an article in Publisher’s Weekly featuring 10 debut authors. The article highlights debut authors of a variety of genres, though paranormal and historical lead the pack.

A few things I thought were interesting:

1) people keep pondering whether the historical is dead but it’s the historicals which have the larger print runs (Highlander Untamed and Claiming the Courtesan) though Jacquelyn Frank’s book, Jacob: The Nightwalkers also has a large print run (tied for first with Highlander Untamed) and is a paranormal. The book with the fourth largest print run is, ironically, a historical paranormal vamp story, Colleen Gleason’s The Rest Fall’s Away (which I, incidentally, read this weekend and will blog about closer to the release date. Nothing like leaving Colleen in suspense, eh?) To be fair, two books didn’t have print run numbers at the time this was published, but of those two, one is a historical.

2) Break-out strategies. For Jacquelyn Frank’s book, it included radio giveaways. Linda Cardillo’s contemporary novel, Dancing on Sunday Afternoon: Sample chapters given to vacationers on cruise ships in the Caribbean in January and February.

3) Compare to: Colleen Gleason–Laurell K. Hamilton. I’d just like to go on record now as saying, that would be an early, early LKH, before her characters spent all their time having sex and there was actually plot to the books. Just saying 😉

Gerri Russel, author of The Warrior Trainer–Julie Garwood. Hmm. Where can I sign up for an ARC? Anyone got an in with Gerri cuz I want a hook up. No really.

But the thing I was most intrigued with about this article was the previously mentioned Jacob: The Nightwalkers by Jacquelyn Frank. For two reasons. The large print numbers (250,000 mass market) and the glowing testimonial from editor Kate Duffy. “It’s so magical, sexy and intense…. I’ve never been more enthusiastic about a project.” —Kate Duffy Add that to the fact that I’d not heard of the book before the article (sorry, Jacki) despite the fact that it releases this next week (November 28th is the listed date in the article, though Amazon says December 1st) and I was curious enough to email the author herself and ask some questions. Her story is quite unique. Okay, very unique. I’ve never heard of an author with such a fortuitous road to publishing!

Can you give me the down and dirty on Jacob?

Jacob the Enforcer has survived almost 700 years on this planet as part of a rich and exotic culture of the night, one of the Nightwalker cultures, the societies that live in the shadow of the human race despite their superior power and abilities. He is the Enforcer, the one and only of his kind given the job of policing the people he calls friends and colleagues. Normally, it isn’t a difficult job, but when the Hallowed moons of Samhain and Beltane start to turn to full something primitive and bestial starts to overcome his people, the urge to mate falls on them like a wicked fever…and they start to break the law. The law is simple. Humans are off limits. Jacob must hunt them and stop them, at all costs, because no human could possibly survive so volatile a mating. Good thing he never misses a catch…

But there is that small glitch of a small human female who starts to tempt the Enforcer in ways he has never been tempted before. Jacob begins to dance a careful, frightening dance of control that he knows must be maintained or else he will hurt her…probably even kill her. As the moon grows full, however, Jacob finds out just how easy it is to forget little details like that…

I noticed that the next book is Gideon, could you tell me when the release date is on that?

Jacob comes out in a week (Jacki answered these questions last week, so Jacob actually releases this week) and Gideon June 5th of 07. Can’t tell you about the next books because then it gives away twists in the first. Each book will be like that I think. Twists or surprises or what have you. I am mum because I HATE SPOILERS! Heh.

what kind of promo are you doing for your first book, to get your name out there?

The only promo so far has been ads in RT and the articles in RT and PW and the giveaway Kensington did. I will be signing in Houston at the RT convention, hopefully with ARCs of Gideon in hand. No promises there though.
I am on my site and myspace and I try to connect with as many other authors and readers as I can possibly manage. Jacki has both a message board and a blog on her website, if you’re interested in checking them out and learning more about Jacob and future books.

Anything interesting about this book, yourself or the process of being a first time author you’d like to share?

The interesting thing about getting published was that I completely backed into it. I never pounded the pavement, never hawked my wares. I was too chicken. Too much of a perfectionist and too afraid of those rejection letters I guess. Bad combo confidence wise. But…Brava held a contest and my GFs beat me with love and praise until I entered and Kate Duffy called me and solicited me for work. Long story short, she read Jacob, went crazy over it, and spoiled me with a great agent from Writer’s House, a six book contract and has been so nice to me in spite of my nerves that she deserves a medal. Voila! I’m an author without a single rejection letter. Now there’s a confidence builder! Heh. She is a fabulous lady. So is Robin Rue from Writer’s House. Robin is like everybody’s mother, and Kate is this blunt, brilliant lady who just charges ahead with so much faith in me it’s insane!
But she is the reason I got that huge first print run. She got my book out to everyone and helped create this excitement and anticipation for it.

So, there you have it. Now I just want to rush through the next couple of years so you all can catch up to where I am in the series. It is going to be so much fun! I have a huge playground of species and cultures to introduce you to. I am just as surprised and delighted by them as you might be!

/end interview

Six book contract? Anyone else think her editor believes in not only her writing but the series? That’s just…wow! I haven’t read the book yet, since of course it doesn’t release until next week. I will be searching this one out at Barnes and Noble, though, because I’m eager to see what Kate Duffy is so enthusiastic about.

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