Seeing Santa

Another set of pictures I forgot to post before Christmas. We took Brianna to see Santa the weekend before Christmas. It was…um. Unsuccessful.


Sesame Street Live!

I forgot to share these pictures before Christmas, when we took Brianna to see Sesame Street Live. I got advance notice of tickets going on sale (via our local civic center) and I got to order tickets before they went on sale to the general public. Consequently, I got tickets right on top of the stage. There’s a set of stairs leading down where the characters would walk down to dance in front of the audience. Our seats were in front of that part and I sat on the aisle, right next to the characters dancing. This would have been wonderful but for one exception…Brianna was terrified for the first half of the show. She spent it wrapped around either Josh or I, and I thought we were going to have to take her to therapy when Baby Bear sat down in “her” seat (which was empty since she was attached to Josh like glue). She kept asking to go home, but we’re mean parents (and we paid about $130 for all five tickets for the three of us and Mima and Poppy) so we made her tough it out. Good thing because after the intermission, she was a whole new child and seemed to enjoy the second half of the show. Here’s some pictures:


ABC meme

I don’t normally do meme’s and routinely ignore being tagged, but my friend Trish did this one and I thought it was interesting. Plus, I don’t really have anything to blog about today because I have the cold from hell, so this seemed a good option. Does anyone actually read these things?


Hell’s Belle’s by Jackie Kessler

I got this one a wee bit early because I won it in a contest. That bi– nice friend of mine Jaci kept throwing it in my face that she had an ARC and how great the book was. I don’t like her much. But Jackie Kessler is one of those fantastic people who clearly doesn’t share my phobia of the post office and she sent out my book the very next day. And I started reading it the day it was delivered into my hot little hands. Hell’s Belle’s releases in trade paperback format from Zebra next week, so I’m going to put Jackie out of her misery and post my review now:

The blurb:

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