And Josh is home today, which has been fabulous. Too bad for me I took so much time off over Thanksgiving (four days) because that means that I still need to work even if he’s home. Plus, he’s taking Friday off so I know that will be a three day weekend because we’re having family pictures taken. So I have to work today. And it’s really hard.

I never knew how much of a routine Brianna and I have. You’d think I’d get more done with him here to play with her and watch her, but I feel guilty, like I should be entertaining him or something, lolol. Plus, he watches TV and then I get distracted. And then he talks to me. And I feel guilty again, like we should be out doing something but I have this deadline breathing down my neck that woke me up early this morning and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep.

I don’t have anything fun and exciting for all of you, sorry. I am making Jambalaya in the crockpot for dinner. If it turns out, that will be my Sunday recipe this week πŸ™‚ Our Christmas decorations are now (mostly) up. Good thing, we needed more clutter in the house *sigh*. Yes, Josh already called me Scrooge. We still have to decorate the tree but that’s it.

Oh, here’s a question for you–do you have a favorite Christmas CD of any genre? I’m looking for music for background music for the Mom’s Xmas party being held here at my house next week. Gulp. Next week. Anyone hire out as maid service?

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