That’s just how generous I am.

As part of my Tuesday routine, I return the three Blockbuster Online movies I’ve had for the week to the Blockbuster store and pick up that week’s new releases for free. Yesterday I got Miami Vice, Pirates of the Caribbean and Pulse.

Last night, I wasn’t feeling well and I’d already spent the day making friends (that’s sarcasm because I spent much of the day in Executive Editor mode which isn’t always my most popular role, lolol) so Josh and I decided to watch Miami Vice. Dear God. At 10:20, exactly 1 hour and 12 minutes in, I looked at Josh and asked how much longer the movie was because the movie seemed like it had just finally completed the set-up and like it was the beginning of a trilogy. He picked up the case and started laughing rather hysterically. Here’s the rest of that conversation:

“Guess how long it is?”

(from hysterical laughter, I suspect it’s longer than I want it to be) “umm…2 hours?”

“Longer. Times 2”


“It’s 2 hours and TWENTY minutes long. No wonder it feels like it’s just finished the set up. It has”

“Damn. Most movies are almost over by this point. I can’t watch another hour and 10 minutes of this.”

We ended up watching the rest. The best thing I can say about the movie is that I liked the music.

Heard often from both of us during the movie:

“God, this movie is BAD!” and the variation “Man, this movie is so slow!” And last. “We should have watched Pirates, it’s way better than this. Sad when porn is better.” (note: Pirates does not refer to Pirates of the Caribbean. See provided link for more info)

So, I sacrificed two hours and twenty minutes so I could tell you not to waste your time on Miami Vice.

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