Today, someone in Australia Googled Kissing Sin Keri Arthur and landed on my blog. In case you don’t know, I was reading your books when you were publishing with Imajinn. I posted on some author chat’s you did (somewhere). I even found a typo on your website once and told you about it. See? You remember me, right?

So if that was you Googling yourself and you happen to come back, wouldn’t you like to send me an ARC of your next release? (or even the next three?) You know you want to. I mean, some of your authors-in-arms at Bantam Dell who are also edited by Shauna have entrusted me with their ARCs (okay, so I’m like Jaci’s second spouse, so that might not count, but Lara gave me hers and I didn’t sell 100 copies on Ebay or anything even though it would be easy to do in Ebook format). But really, what’s stopping you? I mean, I can gush and squeee with the best of them (but I don’t want to mislead you so I should say up front that I only do that if I like the book).

But if that’s not reason enough, how about the giving spirit of Christmas? Or umm…hmm. Because I’ll buy the book anyhow? (I buy books I’m given ARCs for because it only seems polite). So giving it to me won’t even rob you of a sale. It will just make me happy. See how easy that would be? Consider it your charitable act for the holiday season.

And if you should happen to be pals with Eileen Wilks could you send her my way…

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