Not really, I just had that song in my head. But as of Sunday night, I’ve officially read all the ARCs I had on my TBR pile. I finished Lara Adrian’s Kiss of Midnight *grin* Her book doesn’t release until May. She’s been really nervous about me reading it. Should I make her wait until April for a review?

So now I’m going to set to work on my TBR pile since I’m not famous like Jaci, who keeps rubbing it in that people are offering her ARCs (shut up, May). I still love her though. Even if this morning she did both rub it in AND give me guilt for not commenting on her blog. I’m telling you. I have the power of the smilies on her blog. I giveth and I can taketh away. She should be more careful about making me feel bad, don’t you think?

Anyhow, the TBR pile. Last night I started Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. I’ve been wanting to read it forever and I have it on the Ebookwise, plus it fits the December TBR challenge. In “real book” format, I’m going to start Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning.

Along with feeling Jaci-given guilt, I’ve also been having TBR guilt so in the month of December I placed myself on a book-buying embargo. That means no books bought in the month of December. Sucks for Jaci since Surviving Demon Island releases December 26th, but hey, she gave me guilt. I guess that means no trips to the bookstore to turn her books face out since addicts shouldn’t have to go to where temptation is the greatest. Plus, Jane said she doesn’t like it and I hear Jane is all-powerful now, so I must. do. what. Jane. says. *snicker* So dang, sorry, J.

But yes (I’m rambling today, leave me alone). The book buying embargo. It’s been hard because I’ve had PC Cast’s Divine by Mistake and Divine by Choice in both my Amazon and carts. But then I remembered I’m not supposed to buy books. Even though I want to read those books. Not like I don’t have 500 others I can read in their place. I don’t have those books and I can’t have them for a few more weeks so, of course, I want to read them RIGHT NOW. But I’m strong. I quit smoking cold turkey, surely I can resist the urge to buy books for a few weeks? I even used my Amazon gc I had to buy a Christmas present. Even though I almost had justified that using a gc wasn’t the same as buying books while on the book-buying embargo. But then I remembered that the idea was not to add to the TBR pile this month (Paperback Swap excepted because when my turn comes to get a book on the wish list, heck yeah I’m taking it!).

I think this book-buying embargo should count as giving up something for Lent. Even though Lent is months away. What do you think? But the good news is, right about the time December comes to an end, some really good-looking books release including Jackie Kessler’s Hell’s Belle’s (which Jaci taunts me and says is wonderful), Blood Lines by Eileen Wilks, Demon Angel by Meljean Brook (which I’ve already read–follow the link to enter her contest) and of course, Surviving Demon Island by that guilt-giving bitch, Jaci Burton (which I’ve also read. Hee. And she’s holding multiple contests on her blog). So whatever you do DON’T make giving up books as part of your New Year’s Resolution.

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