If you read my post from Monday, you’ll know I’ve got a book buying embargo going until the end of the year. Here’s 13 books I’m going to buy when that’s lifted.

1. Surviving Demon Island by Jaci Burton (shhh, don’t tell her but just for her I’m lifting the embargo for 10 minutes on December 26th and buying it on release day)

2. Blood Lines by Eileen Wilks

3. Hell’s Belle’s by Jackie Kessler

4. Repo Chick Blues by Tracy Sharp (this one is an ebook)

5. Demon Angel by Meljean Brook (yes, I read an ARC but remember, I always buy books I’m given ARCs for).

6. The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason (see #5)

7. Divine by Mistake by P.C. Cast

8. Divine by Choice by P.C. Cast

9. Inferno by Vivi Anna (Vivi is one of my authors and I’ve read Hell Kat, not only do I want to read the sequel but I like to try and support my authors’ NY offerings) Interesting side note. The link to Amazon shows Inferno’s early cover (and when I looked at Barnes and Noble, it has the same). I believe that’s not the cover that the book ended up being sold with. Looking at Vivi’s website, this is the cover it was released with.

10. Wicked Ties by Shayla Black (see #9)

11. Second Sight by Amanda Quick (this one and the next are both a maybe. They’re hardcover and I’m thinking to wait for paperback, since I keep all of her books).

12. White Lies by Jayne Ann Krentz

13. My 13th book was going to be Pornology by Ayn Carillo-Gailey because I thought it had a December release date. I read it and reviewed it (fabulous book) after receiving an ARC at BEA. I thought I’d buy a copy to give away here on the blog. But now I see that it’s got an April 2007 release date. So I’m reserving my 13th choice to decide at a later date.

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