Look what landed on my front porch yesterday.

Oh yes, the fantabulous Keri Arthur contacted her publicist at Bantam Dell and got me hooked up with ARCs of her upcoming January, February and March (respectively) releases: Kissing Sin, Tempting Evil and Dangerous Games. All part of the Riley Jenson Guardian series that started with (the currently available) Full Moon Rising (link is to the paperback version releasing December 26th). Thank you, Keri!

Of course, they arrived about 45 minutes before the party last night (and I showed the other moms what I got, darn skippy I did!), and I’ve been working today, so I’ve only managed to read 10 pages, but this weekend…Kissing Sin is what I’ll be doing 😉

*Wild rumpus is a reference to one of Brianna’s favorite books Where the Wild Things Are

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