An invitation too hot to pass up.

Bound for the Holidays
© 2006 Mackenzie McKade
Available Now from Samhain Publishing (on sale for the first week of release at MBaM)

Angela Clarke finds herself bound for the holidays, literally. Not by one, but two gorgeous men—a powerful executive and one sexy cowboy.

Angie expected to spend Christmas alone, not in the arms of her new boss after the office party. Their attraction is hot enough to melt ice, and his wicked promises alluring. What he’s offering she has only fantasized about.

To her surprise, the night not only involves silk scarves and a set of handcuffs, but one tall dark cowboy.

Ryan Tyler has never thought twice about sharing his women with his best friend—until Ryan touches Angie. She stirs something deep inside him. But it’s too late to stop the decadent night from unfolding. What starts as hot sex with a warm, willing woman turns into something more. After tonight, Ryan knows he’ll never be satisfied with just one taste.

Could his fantasy lead to something lasting, or will it only be one night of pleasure?

Enjoy the following excerpt for Bound for the Holidays:

The lights were dim as Angie entered Ryan’s bedroom. His masculine scent and the woodsy cologne he used were prevalent in the air. The furniture was southwest style. His king-size bed was yellow pine with large bedposts. The smell of sulfur rose briefly as Ryan lit tea-lights along the mantelpiece, and Wade started a fire in the flagstone fireplace.

The mood was soft, sexy, and Angie couldn’t wait to be touched by these two strong men. She drew her attention back to the bed and a wave of excitement dampened her panties. That was when she heard soft music begin to play in the background.

These men knew what enhanced a women’s sexuality. Tonight her fantasy would come true.

But what about tomorrow? The little voice in her head rose, but she vanquished it. She wouldn’t look any further than tonight.
Angie startled when she felt Ryan’s palms on her shoulder. He leaned in close, his breath a warm whisper across her skin. “Lay down on the bed.”

The clicking of her heels against the marble floor made her tense. It was really going to happen. The man who had wreaked havoc with her hormones would be hers tonight. Add to that a sexy cowboy and Angie couldn’t ask for more.

Clad in only her bra, thong, garter belt, silk stockings and heels, she slinked across his dark brown velour comforter. It was soft across her skin as she lay upon her back.

“Fucking hot,” Wade growled his approval.

Ryan remained quiet. Flickering shadows danced across his face, giving him a mysterious quality.

Both men began to take their shirts off at the same time. Angie’s pulse leaped. They were amazing. Where Wade was hard muscle, obviously built from physical labor, Ryan was sculpted by hours in the gym. She couldn’t wait to thread her fingers through the light covering of hair on their chests. Kiss where the hair swirled around their belly buttons, and then move down further with her tongue and mouth to taste them.

Wade started to take off his cowboy hat, but Angie said, “No. Keep it on.”

His chuckle was deep and sexy. “You want a cowboy, darlin’?”

“Oh yeah. I want both of you.”

Wade reached in his duffle bag and extracted a piece of rope and a small remnant of material that look like velvet.

“Lock your fingers together and raise your arms above your head,” Ryan directed.

When her fingers folded together, her heart crashed against her chest. She was really going through with this?

Wade wrapped the soft velvet around her wrists before he looped the rope over it and fastened it to the headboard of the bed. She felt the strain of the muscles in her arms. A quiver slithered up her backbone releasing a flood of moisture between her thighs. Her breasts felt heavy, aching to be touched.

The bed moaned beneath their weight as both men sat on the edge, one on each side of the bed, and began to remove their shoes and socks.

What they did next, she didn’t expect.

Each man cradled one of her feet, slipping off her heels, which they tossed over their shoulders. The shoes made a thud when they hit the floor. Their warm hands cupped her feet, taking away the chill. As if they had done this a million times, in unison they smoothed their palms over each foot from the toes up around her ankles and then back. Carefully, they stretched each joint, sliding them from base to tip between their thumb and index finger. Their touch through her silky stockings was wicked. When they pressed gently all over the soles of her feet she moaned softly. With feathered strokes they drew their fingers over her feet toward her toes then back up to focus on her ankles and calves.

She felt like a decadent piece of chocolate beneath the sun, slowly melting into their touch. Every muscle relaxed beneath their ministrations.

Each garter made a snapping sound as they disengaged them from her stockings. Then smoothly the two men drew her hose down her thighs, until the silky material slipped from her feet. Without a word, they used her stockings to secure each of her ankles to a bedpost at the foot of the bed. Spread eagle, her arousal flushed across her body as two sets of male eyes scanned her splayed body.

Desire flared in Ryan’s eyes. “Looks like we have a problem.”

With a knuckle, Wade inched his Stetson higher. His eyes reflected the same heat of passion. “What’s that, partner?”

“Our woman still has her thong on, and with her legs tied we can’t remove it.”

Wade dug in his pants pocket and extracted a folding knife. It made a sharp click as he opened it. “Looks like we’ll have to cut it off.”

Angie’s breathing elevated. The way they looked at her and the smooth cadence of their voices made her pussy clench. They were unbelievably sexy. She squirmed, pulling against her restraints. She needed to be fucked now.

The scent of sandalwood filled her nostrils as Wade drew closer. His fingers dipped beneath one side of her thong. The material snapped, giving way to the sharp blade that slid across the material. He did the same thing to the other side, then peeled her thong from her heated body. Cool air touched her moist center.

Wade placed the knife next to her garter belt when Ryan spoke. “Leave it. I like how it frames that beautiful patch of hair between her thighs.” Leaning forward, he placed a kiss upon her mound.

“Would you like to see what this lacy bra is hiding?” Wade asked Ryan as he slipped his knife back into his jeans.

“Oh yeah. Take it off.”

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