You broke my heart!

**spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen the second season of the new Doctor Who but intend to**

I worked through my issues with losing the Doctor after only one season, and I know I didn’t say nice things about Rose in an earlier post about Doctor Who (mostly that she was goofy and giddy at inappropriate times in this second season) but dammit, why? Why why why? I’m guessing Billie Piper (the actress who plays Rose) must be moving on just as Christopher Eccleston did, but here I am, on my sick bed (sick couch) catching up on the last few episodes of Doctor Who and I get THIS? An episode that ends with a dramatic and emotional long-distance goodbye between the Doctor and Rose. And yes, for anyone wondering (as if you care) I did sob and cry copious tears. I think part of that was sheer bitterness that there’s going to be a new assistant, but still. I felt Rose Tyler’s pain. *sniffle* I hope the new assistant isn’t lame. And I hope we don’t have a constant merry-go-round of new Doctors and assistants because that could get old. I know the show is designed for actors to be somewhat transient but still. Have a little heart for a girl’s attachment issues.

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