Two people from opposing worlds must face lies, deception and treachery to keep their secret love from being destroyed.

Of the Moon
© 2006 Vivi Anna
Available Now from Samhain Publishing

Master Sorin de cu Luna is a Draconian warlord. Harsh and cruel, with a thirst for blood, the Draconians have taken over the lands and enslaved the human occupants. Born with varying traits and raised among humans, Sorin has come to loathe some of the more depraved Draconian practices, and hopes for a different future between the two races. Matters become even more complicated when he’s summoned to the Draconian Overlord’s wedding and falls for the one human woman he was sent to tame

Alexandreina de cu Soare is the last of her human bloodline. Born into captivity, she is a prisoner in the Overlord’s castle. Fiercely loyal to her people, she endures what she must to give them hope for a better future. When she’s given to a visiting emissary, her hope falters. There can be no faith in the brutal hands of a Draconian. Until she meets Sorin and realizes that hope can come in the most surprising and pleasant form.

Consumed by the heat of their passion, Sorin and Alexandreina find it difficult to hide their bond. Their union angers the Draconians, and the humans want to use it to their advantage. Thrust into a conspiracy to assassinate the Overlord, Alexandreina must use her relationship with Sorin. If Sorin can’t be turned against the Draconian rule, than she is to seduce and kill the Overlord herself or her people will be slaughtered in the impending civil war between Draconian clans.

Enjoy the following excerpt from Of the Moon:

They strolled through the halls of the keep to Sorin’s guest chamber. He asked many questions about the various artwork and wall hangings. When she answered, he seemed genuinely interested. Alexandreina found that very perplexing.

Sorin opened the doors to his chambers and gestured for Alexandreina to go in. She hesitated but entered, her chin lifted. She would not show her fear. He could have her blood but she was certain he could never have her soul.

He shut and secured the doors behind him. Alexandreina jumped at the sound of the lock clicking. She stood in the center of the sitting room, uncertain of her actions.

Sorin swept by her regally, his long, dark cloak flowing behind him. “Shall we have a drink?” He poured two glasses of brandy from the provided decanter set on the table. He handed her one.

She nodded as she accepted it. Sorin watched her over the rim of his glass as she took a small sip.

“This is your first time,” he stated without question.

She nodded, afraid her voice would shake.

“I thought as much. Rica is cleverer than I had expected.”

“I’m sorry, my lord? I do not understand.”

“No, I know you don’t.” He smiled. “Do not mind my ramblings. I often speak before I think.”

She grinned back. “As do I.”

“Then we have much in common I suspect, my lady.”

Alexandreina’s smiled faded. She did not want to have anything in common with him. He was a Draconian. No matter what pretty words escaped his sensuous lips, she must not forget that.

Setting his drink down on the table with an audible clink, he spoke, “My lady, I release you from your service to me. I will have a guard escort you back to your rooms.”

Alexandreina flinched back in shock. “Why would you do such a thing?”

“I have my reasons, and they need not concern you.”

She set her brandy on the table and stood defiantly in front of him. “Well, they do concern me. Because when Lord Rica sees that I have no marks, he will question why. And no matter the reason, it will be my fault and I will be the one that suffers the consequences, not you.”

“I will explain to him that I had no need of a blood-servant this eve. That my needs are already taken care of.”
“He will be insulted if you refuse his gifts. You know this is part of the courts.”

His brow lifted as he stared at her. She could tell he pondered her remarks. Maybe he was as perplexed about her as she was about him.

“Why do you argue so, when it is clear that you despise being a servant of any kind?”

“Because I fear Lord Rica’s wrath more than your sexual appetites.”

Alexandreina swallowed as she witnessed his face harden. A twinge deep in her belly flared like a flame while he stared at her. He unnerved her in more ways than she ever thought possible.

“If you truly knew my appetites, my lady, you would not be so sure in your fear.”

Taking a step back from him, she could still feel waves of heat swell off his body. It enveloped her in a warm embrace. Shivering from the contact, she thought it was not entirely unpleasant.

Alexandreina raised her head and bared her neck. “Take me quick and we will both be at ease in Lord Rica’s court.”

Moving swiftly, he stepped in close behind her. She could feel his presence at her back, molding intimately into her. As she felt a sigh of hot air on the side of her neck, she clamped her eyes closed, expecting the pain to be extreme.

Her eyes fluttered open when she felt a feathery touch on her throat. Sorin trailed his fingers over her flesh, gently caressing each spot.

“There is much pain when blood is taken from the neck. We could find a more pleasant spot.”

Alexandreina swung around and brought up her arm. Pushing back the sleeve of her gown, she bared her wrist to him. “From the wrist then.”

Sorin took her offered hand and raised it to his mouth. He pressed a gentle kiss to her wrist where her pulse thumped painfully against her skin. She could feel the slight dampness of his tongue as he licked her there. Ripples of pleasure surged over her unexpectedly. Her knees trembled and she feared she would swoon.

“It is far more pleasant in a more intimate place. The sensitive, soft spot on the top of your inner thigh is the most enjoyable way to be served.”

Her body quaked with his words. She did not want to feel desire. But she did. It raged over her, nestling deep within her sex. She blushed as her thighs tightened and quivered at the thought of him between them.

“I want it over with quickly. Enjoying it is not necessary. I can handle a lot of pain.”

“Indulge me, my lady. You did agree to serve me, did you not?” He smiled slyly.

She nodded, knowing he had the upper hand. Although he seemed civil and polite, he still lorded over her. He could easily turn on her, and report to Lord Rica her disobedience. She would do just about anything to avoid that.

Taking her hand in his, he led her into the bedchamber. She could feel her heart pounding as they neared the massive bed. He guided her to the side, and sat her on the edge. Alexandreina scrambled back onto the fur cover and lay down, her hands fisted at her sides.

She watched, fear and desire strumming her nerves, as Sorin knelt on the bed at her feet. He took a foot in his hands, his touch gentle, and unlaced her satin shoe. He dropped it to the floor then undid the other. As Sorin took the hem of her skirt and began to raise it, Alexandreina clamped her eyes shut.

A cool breeze ruffled over her stocking clad legs as her skirt rose past her knees to her waist. She bit on her lip as the soft, refreshing air swirled around her exposed undergarments. Did he stare at them, wondering what treasure lay beneath? She slowly opened her eyes, too curious in her desire not to peek.

He was gazing down at her. However, she could not tell from his black eyes what he hungered for. Was he only thinking of her blood, or did he crave more from her?

He caressed her leg, feeling the silk of her stocking under his palm. He trailed his hands up to the edge of the fabric until he reached the soft amber skin of her thighs.

Alexandreina sucked in a ragged breath as he rubbed his hands over her flesh, his fingertips just brushing against the plain cotton of her underpants. Suddenly, she wished that she owned more luxurious lingerie. There were undergarments made from lace that molded to a woman’s form. She had seen some of the Roma servants in the keep wearing such things. Gifts from their blood-masters. Hand designed and imported from far away lands. However, she only had the plain and unappealing cotton garments that peasant Roma women wore.

“You are beautiful.”

Alexandreina blushed. “I am sorry that I am not wearing something more appealing.”

His hands stilled on her thighs, thumbs resting just below the secret place between them. He gazed up at her. “You would have dressed for me, if you had known of my differences?”

She wanted to say no. That she would never have dressed to impress any Draconian. That his opinion did not matter to her. But she couldn’t. The way he looked at her did matter. In some small part of her, she did want to please this man. Draconian or not.
“Yes,” she breathed huskily, unable to lie.

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