What does that mean? It means I’m so glad that Christmas is over I’d like to make my husband happy and run naked through the house shouting with glee. Sadly, I’m sick so the flesh isn’t even a little willing, lolol.

With a Christmas that started with a break in of our Explorer (in our driveway) and a theft of much stuff, including diapers and toilet paper but most heinously–my coupon holder–and a Christmas that ended with Brianna and I both sick and miserable (she’s now on antibiotics and I think I’m on the road to recovery through multiple episodes of Doctor Who and many hours spent prone on the couch), I’m just damn glad Christmas is over.

It seems as though this Christmas, the weeks leading up to you, were more stressful than I remember those in years past being. I don’t know why. The good thing about this weekend was the sheer downtime with Josh and Brianna and the catching up on some reading that I did (I think I averaged a book a day!).

Because of that, I have a few reviews to do, one for Jackie Kessler’s Hell’s Belle’s, which she swore she was going to be haunting my site for, lol, but my brain has been too fuzzy to write a review that would make sense to anyone but me. For that same reason, I haven’t done any editing the past couple days, either, resulting in, of course–more stress. The good news is that I cleared my submissions pile (yay me!) so I don’t have that to worry about. Just, you know, getting books ready to release on time *sigh*

Today, I’m going to announce the winner of my contest from the ARC reviews last week and I’m also going to offer a new contest, which I think is kind of a sweet contest, if I do say so myself. I’ll have reviews coming later for Hell’s Belle’s, at least. I haven’t decided if I’ll review any of the others I read this past weekend.

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