More Samhain nominations!

Just released are the 2006 CAPA nominations from The Romance Studio. Samhain had a 19 nominations. Ten of them were my books. Of those, 2 were of the three original Samhain launch books (Stud Finders Inc by Alexis Fleming and Loup Garou by Mandy Roth). I’m proud of all the Samhain nominations, but of course I especially proud of my authors. And that the launch books were all nominated? Makes me kind of tingly and giddy, lolol. I’ve listed the Samhain nominations after the jump. My titles are in italics. All books can be found at in ebook format and some of them in print as well, if you’re so inclined to look (and they’re on sale at My Bookstore and More for at least a few days more!)


ARC: Surviving Demon Island by Jaci Burton

Okay kids, hold on to your hats because this one is going to be brutal. I tried to be fair with the other reviews, but I feel I need to prove that I can be tough, even on people I love, so readers know they can trust I’m giving an honest opinion. And Jaci is one of my best friends, so who better to prove it on than her? Surviving Demon Island releases Tuesday from Bantam Dell.

The blurb:

Those damn phishers are getting trickier

I got an email (spam obviously) that said it was from Chase banks. I have two credit cards with them, so it’s feasible that I’d get email from them. In the email, they said if I took a short survey, they’d put $20 in my account. Just click this link. Once you get to the link, put in your login information. Uh-huh. I didn’t fall for it but I have to wonder how many people will jump at the chance for free money and end up giving away their account information (login and password) to people who will use it for their own benefit? It frustrates me to know there will be many–probably some who should know better and more than likely a few who won’t know what hit them once their information is stolen. Phishers suck.

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