Compliments of Nadia Cornier’s blog (Agent Obscura) and her post on things that make her jaw clench:

5. Responses to rejections that ask, “Why did you reject me?” I have no idea, I had 98 queries that I reviewed this week, I requested four and passed on the rest. I don’t remember which one yours was… I’m sorry. Form letters are powerful tools for two reasons (and I’m stealing this concept from my best friend): a) they are fast. b) coming up with constructive criticisms takes a LOT of time and energy. It’s like trying to identify why you find a person attractive or not. Sometimes it’s easy to pick (they have nice eyes), but sometimes it’s not… If you have nothing constructive to add — then it simply is just a matter of taste and me telling you, “I hated the main character’s name” or “I don’t like fantasy with gem stones as the magical object” will not help you when you send it to the next agent who does like the main character’s name and fantasies with gem stones as the magical object. So. Form letter. It’s the dating equivalent of not calling a person back after a so-so date.

I wonder if she’d mind if I just copy and pasted that into an email every time someone emails me to ask why I rejected their book? I’d even give her credit, lolol.

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