Last night I was up late (I mean late) working. I think it was a premonition that I wouldn’t get a lot done today. This morning, I overslept (Brianna has daycare) and since she’s moved into the toddler stage of doing everything at her own pace, there was no hurrying her along. We might not have been too late but there was an accident and we had to take a detour. I am, however, eternally grateful I wasn’t involved in that accident.

This morning, I’ve been tired and headachy. I had to do something I didn’t want to do, didn’t enjoy, and hope never to do it again. Consequently, it’s made the rest of my day a wash, because I can’t nap (since my brain is on overdrive), I feel guilty if I go read a book (since I should be working as I have a massive deadline still poking me in the back), and I can’t work, because I just feel too tired (which I don’t really think has to do with lack of sleep so much as just having to deal with too much today). And that makes me more anxious, because I really need to work.

The good news is that tomorrow, I’m going to Baltimore and I’m going to meet my friend Joy (yes THAT Joy for those who know her, lol) for dinner. We always have a great time when we meet, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Sunday, we’re taking down these gosh darn Christmas decorations that we haven’t had time to put away yet. Considering we talked about putting them away on Christmas Day, we’re way past due, lolol.

Hopefully, by the time Monday rolls around, I’ll feel a little perkier and like I have my schedule more under control. One can hope, right?

On the other hand, through an incredibly convoluted conversation on the Author loop about me, aliens and my appearance in a book, this picture came into existence thanks to Rebecca Goings. It’s good for a laugh!

I wonder what my husband would do if I actually had eight breasts?

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