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I haven’t gotten any editing done today, which is a shame because I was really on top of my schedule this week. Here are thirteen things I’ve done instead of editing today.

1. Took Brianna for follow-up appointment with doctor regarding ear infections.

2. Called an made appointment with ENT for Brianna.

3. Worked on emails. Made people unhappy with emails.

4. Told Brianna not to climb on the back of the sofa. Her reply? “Trish is on back of sofa!” (Trish is the cat, little smarty-pants)

5. Told Brianna not to throw things at cat.

6. Told Brianna to pick up toys.

7. Picked up toys and took them “away”

8. Told Brianna to listen.

9. Put Brianna in time out after she didn’t listen one too many times.

10. Took Brianna to bathroom five bazillion times.

11. Put Brianna down for a nap (an hour early)

12. Cleaned up cat puke

13. Wrote this blog.

Are you sensing a trend here? Yeah, her name is Brianna and she’s in her terrible twos.

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