Last night I was a bit angry and upset (not at the husband or at work, just fyi) so I needed to do something that didn’t require a lot of concentration (ie no reading or editing). I decided to pull out my sewing machine, because I really love sewing and creating, it’s just not something I take the time to do very often.

I saw on someone’s Livejournal that they’d knitted a case for their Ebookwise. I commented that my Ebookwise was jealous (okay, it’s an inanimate object, *I* was the jealous one). So I decided to make use of one of the smaller pieces of felted sweater that I had and make an Ebookwise case. That didn’t take me long, so I also worked on the green felted sweater purse that I’ve had cut out since I did the last one. It’s not quite done yet but I love it already. Pictures after the jump (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures)

The Ebookwise cover

It was kind of plain so I decided to try a trick and make “flowers” out of felted sweater.

They’re attached with safety pins so they can be moved around or removed.

Like this! Mostly, I made them as an experiment, so I can use them for future purses

The green purse. It’s actually not done because the lining is constructed, but not sewn into the purse, and the handles are only pinned in. I like it, though.

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