Last week, I got a copy of Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard in the mail. For whatever reason, Brianna took one look at this book and claimed it as hers. And I mean hers, she carries it around, she goes looking for it, she calls it “my book” and she sits on my lap with it and says “Mommy read!” What’s the allure? I can only guess it’s the hot pink cover, but just in case you don’t believe me, I snapped some photos of her with it a few days ago. But her attachment to the book is still going strong. Truly, she’s my daughter 😉

She was sitting on the rug “reading” but I missed that shot.

Here, she’s realized I’ve taken an interest in her book, and she gets up, ready to flee.

You can almost hear her saying “my book!” here

And she’s off! Later pictures show her hiding behind the chair. She’s not taking any chances that I’ll steal her book.

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