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Get your mind out of the gutter, pervs!

This is my new toy: a Creative Zen Vision M, 30gb pink mp3/video player. I ordered it online at and it came yesterday. I haven’t had much time to do anything with it.

1. Charged it (this is very important)

2. Learned how to turn it on. And off. (see all the important stuff I’m learning?)

3. Loaded Enya and Enigma on so I could hear the sound quality.

4. Figured out how to work the touchpad

5. and volume controls (not as easy as you’d think)

6. Admired the pretty pink color

7. Spent hours reading a forum for Creative Zen Vision users learning stuff but applying none of it

8. Ordered a Best Skin Ever for it. (they have a very funny order confirmation message:
Thanks for your order! We really appreciate your business.

Please be aware that almost all orders are shipped by First Class Mail in a business size envelope and will arrive in your mail box.

Try not to mistake this envelope for junk mail and throw it out. Yes, this happens!

Tell your mom, wife or girlfriend about Best Skins Ever before your order arrives. She thinks the word Skin means pr0n and she will throw it out before you ever see it. Yes, this happens too!

9. Loaded Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Marie Haddad and one Nickelback song.

10. Read about how to get videos on there. I want to figure this out this weekend. What I want is to download episodes of Torchwood and be able to watch them on the mp3 player. That might take some work.

11. Told Brianna many, many times not to touch (it’s a hard drive based player and dropping it is baaad).

12. Whined to myself (since no one else was around) about how the earbuds are way too big for my ears. Ouch!

13. Looked online at all the fun, expensive accessories I could buy for it. But I didn’t. But I could.

14. This one is for my husband: I was setting the radio stations and one of them was playing DJ Kool. This should make you smile 🙂

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