Here’s how my week went:

Brianna threw up.
Josh threw up.
I threw up.
Brianna threw up again.

Hopefully, we’re all better now. *fingers crossed*

The irony of being unable to carry through with my blog posts for the week…”food week” because I couldn’t even stand to type about food does make me chuckle, though.

And I still have excerpts from “my” releases this week at Samhain to share, as well. Being sick really put me behind in so many things. As did the fact that we parted ways with an editor this week so I did mostly admin stuff all wee 🙁 When I could be upright for more than five minutes. I haven’t edited any of my own books in a week. It’s nerve-wracking! But now, it’s the weekend and my house is a wreck. I need Merry Maids 🙂

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