Darcy and Mac are “best friends with benefits”, but now Mac wants more than just the hot sex. He wants Darcy forever. And he’ll risk everything to get her.

The Boy Next Door
© 2007 Jessica Jarman
Available Now from Samhain Publishing

The last thing Darcy Phillips wants after the end of a disastrous relationship is to get involved with another man. Being free and unattached was the plan until her old pal Thomas “Mac” MacAllister strolls back into her life.

Mac has always loved Darcy but the timing was always wrong. Now, she’s home and unattached. And after a night of wine and conversation, things turn hot fast. But Darcy isn’t ready for more than the physical and she definitely doesn’t want anyone knowing what the two of them are up to. Especially her mother.

It isn’t long, though, before Mac wants more. Much more. Yet Darcy isn’t sure she’s willing to risk their long-time relationship for something as dangerous as love. But Mac is a man who knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go after it.

Using their incendiary passion as a starting point, Mac sets out to win the girl of his dreams and show her that everything she wants…is right next door.

Enjoy the following excerpt for The Boy Next Door:

She needed him so much.

Darcy could only hold on to that thought. She ached with need. Good lord, he’d brought her to orgasm with a few caresses and words. Oh God, the words. She never thought talking could turn her on so much. But, damn, he knew just what to say. Neither of them had spoken during the short ride to Mac’s apartment, but the air between them had vibrated with desire, with need. Her pussy, already soaked and throbbing, ached for him again. And those looks. His darkened gray eyes had sought hers often. The storm of want clouding them had nearly set her off again.

Now they were at his apartment. She struggled not to fidget as Mac unlocked the door. He pushed it open and offered his hand. With a smile, she took it and allowed him to lead her into the small apartment.

He shut the door and shoved her back against it, his mouth claiming hers immediately. Her bag slipped from her fingers and landed with a thud. He released her hand and ran his down to grip her hips. Tilting them, he ground his erection against her pussy. Spears of heat ignited, shooting into her belly.

She gasped and clutched at his shoulders as she returned the kiss. His tongue invaded the warm confines of her mouth to duel with hers—a fierce, heated dance. His hand moved from her hip down her outer thigh. He slid it around to the sensitive inner thigh and up to cup her between her legs, to capture her desire.

“God, I can feel how hot you are through your clothes.” His words caressed her lips, her cheeks as he trailed his mouth across her face down to her neck.

Her hands fisted in his hair, and she hooked a leg around his, opening her up more for his hand.

“For you, Mac. Hot for you.” She couldn’t even form a coherent sentence, for crying out loud.

Mac didn’t seem to care, though. He growled low in his throat and nipped her gently along her collarbone. His tongue followed, gliding over the delicate skin. He pressed his palm against her drenched sex, rubbing small, mind-blowing circles.

Her head fell back, banging against the door. She barely noticed. His hands and mouth caused her body to shiver with need, to vibrate with longing. She needed him now. Letting go of his hair, she ran her hands down to tug off his shirt, only to get it tangled and bunched under his arms. With a groan, he pulled away to help her in the task and took the time to free her from her shirt as well.

She sighed with pleasure as her hands smoothed over the warm skin of his back. He felt so good, so right. Stroking the taut muscles, she leaned forward and ran her tongue around a flat brown nipple. Encouraged by his quick intake of breath, she did the same to the other, ending the caress with a light scrape of her teeth.


Darcy glanced up at him through her lashes at the curt order. Oh my, she thought at the sight of his tousled hair, full lips and desire-laden eyes. “Yes, sir.”

An eyebrow lifted, a response to her cheekiness she assumed. With a wink, she pulled away from him and began to walk toward the bedroom. Smack. She jumped as his hand connected with her ass and she whirled around in surprise. A grin kissed his lips, and he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Move it, Darc.”

“Oooh, you gonna get rough with me, big boy?” She fluttered her eyes at him and started for the bedroom again, making sure to add an extra sway to her hips. Anticipation and excitement curled in her belly. What would he do?

His hand encircled her elbow and he yanked her back against him. Her back slammed against his chest. His mouth nuzzled her neck, teeth sinking in deliciously.

“Now—” The phone rang. “Damn.”

Darcy couldn’t hold back her giggles. He bit her neck again, following it with a kiss, a swirl of tongue.

“Go on into the bedroom. I’ll get rid of whoever it is.” He strode to grab the phone off the counter. “Hello? Oh, hi, Mom.”

Knowing he could be a while, Darcy went into the bedroom, crawled onto the bed and rested her head on the pillow. His spicy scent surrounded her. She inhaled deeply and stretched her arms over her head with a sigh. Hearing Mac’s low voice in the other room soothed her. She’d been edgy all day, angry with her mother for her matchmaking. The beach and sketching had smoothed some of it over, but most had lingered until Mac came. God, he had such a hold over her. What’s worse was she liked it. She looked forward to being with him, talking to him, loving him.

Her eyes slid shut and she allowed herself to float in hazy sleepiness. Mac would be with her in a moment, she was sure, and they’d pick up where they left off. Or, heck, starting all over again would be just fine.

Next thing she knew blues music filled the room. She dragged her eyes open. Had she fallen asleep? Trying to pull her hand down to rub her eyes, she filled with panic when her arms failed to move. Twisting her head, she looked up and gasped. Her hands, bound together with a silk tie, were secured to the center slat of Mac’s headboard. What was going on here? Where was Mac?

As if her thoughts conjured him, he walked into the bedroom. Her eyes devoured him from his muscular legs beneath his shorts, his bare chest, up to his smug grin.

“Untie me, Mac.” She nearly cringed at the breathlessness of her voice.

He took a sip from the wineglass he held and tilted his head to study her. “Hmmm, no.”

“No? What the hell do you mean, no?”

He stepped across the room to stand beside the bed. Setting the glass on the bedside table, he lowered himself to sit next to her.
He slipped a hand under her head and ran his fingers through her hair, spreading it over the pillow. “Do you trust me, Darc?”

“That has nothing to do with this. You have—”

“Do you trust me?”

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