Sometimes an author comes along who is talented in any genre they try their hand at. My friend, Shannon Stacey, is one of those. She’s written in a number of romance genres and nailed every one. She’s got an amazing author voice that carries over to whatever she sets her mind to (including blog posts).

Erica Orloff is another. Seriously, if Erica Orloff wants to send me her grocery list, I’ll read it. I’ve not read her entire backlist, though I do own most of it and am making my way through it. And I just bought her newest release, a Nocturne, Blood Son. I’m looking forward to reading that. But every book I’ve read by Erica Orloff, whether the genre is paranormal romance, romantic suspense or chick lit, has been an experience in captivating story and even more captivating characters.

Last weekend I read a Red Dress Ink book of hers, Do They Wear High Heels In Heaven?. I’ve said before that I’m very much a character reader. I love a good character and fantastic dialogue. Erica has an amazing gift of being able to make you care about her characters in a very short span of time–by the second chapter, you’re rooting for them and hoping for the best.

Do They Wear High Heels In Heaven?isn’t a romance but it is about relationships. It’s incredibly funny, and heart-warming and sad. Oh my sad. Have a box of tissues handy if you decide to give it a try.

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