That’s me. I KNOW I haven’t blogged since Friday. I was even going to post some recipes on Sunday. I have pictures of Brianna to share, but life has just gotten in the way.

Brianna had a cold last week so I kept her home from daycare. Friday, she was better but still had a runny nose. I thought I’d keep her home as a kindness to the teachers, because she was really snotty. It wasn’t until after I called in that I realized they were still charging me, whether she was there or not. Next time, the teachers get her, snot and all, if she’s not contagious!

This weekend we did some things around the house. One thing was working in our bedroom to get all the clean clothes put away (they get washed but don’t get hung because I’m lazy). My MIL made me a new black and white toile bedroom set, with valences, bed skirt, pillow shams and duvet cover. We put the duvet cover on the down comforter on Sunday, along with fresh sheets. On Monday morning one of the cats threw up on the bed, getting the duvet cover, the down comforter, the blanket and the sheet. Yes, I had to strip the whole bed less than 24 hours after it had been newly made up. Figures.

Because Brianna was home with me last week, and deep in the throes of the terrible twos (I mean, deep in, she was baaaad) I didn’t get a lot of work done. So I knew I needed to really buckle down Monday morning when I shipped her to daycare. Only I woke up Monday morning with a cold, which seems to be draining every ounce of energy in my body. I did get some work done, but I also took a really long nap. Today, I have more work planned. I know, I’m exciting.

I’ve finished reading all five of the ARCs I had left, so next week I’m setting up for an ARC review week. Visions of Heat, Lover Revealed, Succubus Blues, Tempting Evil and Dangerous Games.

I saw on Craigslist today, someone wanting to hire people to write blog content for them, to keep the blog fresh and exciting. Maybe I need to start doing that 🙂

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