I’ve been exciting lately, right? I think part of it is that I’m suffering from blopression (that’s my word for blog depression) where I become convinced there are only five people reading my blog and the other hits my hit counter shows are for people coming here through Google, via search terms for lentils soup and mommy sucking my c**k (seriously, I get that and variations of it alot).

There’s also the person in Karlstad, Sweden who Googles me everyday to get here *waving*

But on the other hand, I don’t have a damn thing to blog about because I’m pretty sure you’re all tired of the “my family is sick” refrain, even though it’s what’s happening. I spent all day Monday driving Brianna and Josh to the doctor and then running around getting prescriptions filled. $200 later, my day was not a fun one. Josh stayed home from work Mon/Tues. he was pretty pitiful and only started to feel better yesterday afternoon after three days on the couch. Both he and Brianna still have an ugly cough. Me? Of course I’m still healthy. I’ll get sick when it’s even MORE inconvenient (like before EpiCON).

I haven’t done any reading for “pleasure” since last week. I’ve been reading either Passionate Plume contest entries or reading submissions. I read a lot of submissions Friday through Monday. I still have more to read. But the UPS man delivered Innocent in Death yesterday and by golly, I’m going to read that toni…uh…soon. Bellydancing is tonight.

And that’s it. That’s all I have. Do you SEE why I haven’t been blogging? I need to hire an impersonator to come and blog for me. Volunteers?

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