1. She cannot say Oliver (one of our cats). She calls him Oviler. And if you say it for her in syllables, she will walk around the house practicing it like this. Olv-i-ler. Ohv-i-ler. And then it becomes, once again. Oviler. And she calls for him at full volume.

2. She grabbed a business card I was using as a bookmark, grabbed my phone and told me “I’m going to make a call.” She then proceeded to hold the card in one hand and study it while trying to dial. Very serious stuff!

3. We have a bear that sings the song L-O-V-E. Brianna plays the bear over and over again and has learned enough words that she can sing along.

4. She knows what Josh’s car sounds like and can hear him, from anywhere in the house, come home from work.

5. She’s taken to getting her bathing suits out of her dressers and wearing them. On her head.

6. She found one of her sippies, a pink, two-handled mug, that she’s started putting water in and carrying around calling it her “coffee”. Sadly, I don’t even drink coffee more than once or twice a week, so apparently she’s easily influenced.

7. If you hold a kleenex to her nose, and tell her to blow, she will blow air out her mouth. But if you tell her to “sniff” she’ll blow her nose. Please don’t ask why. The mysteries of a toddler are still locked to me.

8. She is very concerned about us. She now asks “are you okay, Daddy?” or “are you okay, Mommy?” if she thinks we’re not feeling well or in pain.

9. After she goes potty, flushes, she has to open the lid back up and wave and say “bye-bye peepee, bye-bye paper towels” (no, we do not make her use paper towels, that’s just her generic term for everything paper, apparently.

10. She likes to talk on the phone now, but she insists on carrying the phone around and holding it up so the person on the other end can see what she’s showing them.

11. If she can’t find her bear, monkey or puppy (her lovies) she tells us they’re in the “laundry getting clean”. We told her that ONE TIME and it stuck.

12. This morning she picked out her own clothes. Her christmas dress. And yes, she wore it for about an hour before deciding being only in a diaper is still the best thing ever.

13. After she wakes up from her nap, she likes to go in “Mommy’s bed” and watch TV (which really consists of me turning the TV on and her jumping up and down like a maniac for awhile). But then she likes to lay down flat and have me “logroll” on top of her. And it’s important that I say “logroll” in a dramatic voice while actually rolling over on her. Good times.

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