I had to go do that female yearly thing today, which is not something any woman eagerly looks forward to. This year I had to find a new doctor because mine stopped taking my insurance. Apparently, Blue Cross-Blue Shield isn’t very reliable about payment and that particular office likes to get paid. Go figure.

So anyhow, my previous doctor was a woman, as is my primary care physician, so it’s been several years since I had a male doctor for anything other than a walk-in clinic visit. I hadn’t met this doctor yet and as I’m laying there, sans clothes I was struck by a sudden thought.

In walks the doctor and he greets me “Hi, How are you today?”

And I say, “Oh, I was just laying here thinking that this is one of the few times in my life when I’ll meet a man for the first time and be naked doing it.”

What can I say? My mind works like that. He seemed to find me amusing though. So glad I could provide some entertainment for him…er…you know what I mean, with the humor, dammit!

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