Thirteen things I should be doing…

Thursday Thirteen

Instead of writing a Thursday Thirteen!

1. Getting my daughter out of bed. I can hear her talking. Bad mommy. Done! (thank goodness, eh?)

2. Laundry (there is ALWAYS laundry but I have to wash the company towels) and then more laundry. (towels are in the washer at least)

3. Getting dressed. (done) The mattress guys will be here between 9 and 12. (still not here)
update on the mattress situation (because you care): so they couldn’t get the boxspring up the stairs. Even though there’s a queen bed up there now. So I now have a boxspring on my front porch. Stellar.

4. Dusting (even if Josh did already vacuum).

5. Making the bed in the spare bedroom–Done! (and then our bed once the mattress is delivered)

6. Washing the kitchen floor (err…maybe after Brianna’s breakfast).

7. Well, duh, giving Brianna breakfast. Done (no, I don’t starve her, she also ate half of mine

8. Cleaning the upstairs bathroom/shower.

9. Cleaning Brianna’s room (it’s the one room in the whole house that’s not picked up).

10. Putting together the scalloped potatoes in the crockpot. Figuring out how long the ham will take in the roaster.

11. Doing second round edits on a short book (yes, still working!)–oh, and if Marty is reading this, I’m supposed to send Marty an update. Er. Soon.

12. Emptying the dishwasher.

13. Calling my husband and telling him how much I love him for vacuuming all the floors/furniture/along the walls last night and getting rid of all the cat hair (and staying up late to do it so I wouldn’t have to worry about it today). He rocks!


14. Go to grocery store for dinner rolls. The &%&ing cat got into the kitchen cupboard and ate the dinner rolls.

ETA 10:15

15. I forgot I’m supposed to pay bills today.

16. And go to the post office. Erk.

My daughter…

Just came up to me acting all sly.

“Hi!” she says. I’m not paying attention.

“Hi!” again. Pressing up next to me and looking at me under her lashes. Now I realize she’s cupping her hand.

“What’s on your hand?”

*ducks her head*

“Baby, what do you have in your hand.” I make a grab for her, miss when she dodges out of my reach, but get her on the second try. All I see is a blob on her pinkie.

“What is that?”

“Mmmmm” Still cupping her hand like she’s guarding a national treasure

“Brianna, what’s on your finger? Wipe it off.”

“Nope.” She starts waving it around and literally taunting me with her pinkie finger, though she’s moved well out of reach.

“Brianna, WHAT is on your finger. Wipe it off right now.”

“Mm…uh uh”

“Briaaaannnnaaa….” as she starts wiping it on a box.

“I picked my nose.”


On the Edge by Shannon Stacey

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This and that

I hate diaper/pull-up companies for putting characters on their diapers. We buy different brands, depending on what’s on sale and what we have coupons for. No matter what brand, no matter what character, Brianna has a small quirk. Usually, in a box of diapers, say…Pampers Pull-ups…they have Dora and Boots on them. Fine, great, whatever. But they’re not all the same pose. Oh no. The diaper companies have to be cute and put either different poses or different characters (like different Sesame Street characters). So, in this box of Pull-ups, Brianna chose one particular pose (in which Dora has a flower on her shirt) and THAT is the pull up she wanted to wear. No other. Just that one. She sorted through an entire package of Pull ups every time she needed a new one, to find it. Now, we have half a package of Dora Pull-ups and she’s now switched back to “Blues Clues” (the Luvs diapers). What I want is a diaper that’s durable but has NOTHING on it. Is that so much to ask?

Max is doing…not so well. His paws still seem very tender. I still have much guilt. The vet is closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays or I probably would have had him in there again for another check of the paws. Instead, I’m just watching them closely and hoping the combination of pain meds, ointment and antibiotics are working. Poor kitty.

My parents are still set to arrive on Thursday and my stress level? Still high. In addition to being stressed about Max, I realized I had a deadline for something that I almost missed. Um, dammit. Not really what I needed to add in to my list of things to do.

But on a good note, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been price-stalking the laptop I’ve been wanting and my patience paid off. Today, it went on sale $300 off on Toshiba Direct. And they were still having a free-with-rebate printer deal plus free 2 day shipping until the end of March so…score! By this weekend, I should have new laptop in hand. Of course, my parents will be here, so I won’t be able to play with it until next week but still…happy dancing abounds!

Tomorrow is one day to parental arrival day. Any bets on whether my nerves will survive?

Damn those spammers…

Who keep sending me emails with the subject line “Can’t believe it”. The least they could do is send some good gossip along with the spam.

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