Marc must face the biggest challenge of his life—convincing Liv Davis that he means to love her forever.

© 2007 Lauren Dane
Now Available from Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance

Liv Davis had just about given up on her happily ever after. Burned by love more than once, she’s beginning to think Mr. Right wasn’t in the cards for her.

Marc Chase is a confirmed bachelor and lover of women—lots of them. He’s determined not to fall head over heels the way his brothers have. Until he kisses Olivia Davis and realizes head over heels may not be such a bad thing after all!

Can Liv open her scarred heart for this younger ladies man? She loves Marc more than she can begin to admit but she’s terrified of being rejected again. Marc faces a challenge greater than he’s ever faced before. Making a woman believe he’s more than just a great bedmate—making her believe he’s in it for good.

In the end it will all come down to two days in a hotel and a bet. Can they both win?

Book Three in the Chase Brothers Series

Enjoy the following excerpt for Chased:

Marc’s place smelled like his cologne and fresh fruit. She saw a set of hanging baskets filled with apples and peaches and knew that’s where the scent had come from. His living room windows were large and looked out over the street. It was nicely furnished with bookshelves on the walls and pictures of his family all around.

He kept surprising her and that made her uncomfortable. In the box marked unavailable bachelor for life, he was non-threatening because it wouldn’t pay to develop feelings for him. But in the box labeled guy way deeper than she’d thought who loved his family? That guy was dangerous to her well being.

“Now.” He flipped the lights off before lighting candles set all around the living room. “I’ll be right back.” He disappeared down the hall, returning after a few moments. “You look gorgeous with candlelight on your skin. I figured you would. Then again, I’ve yet to see you in a situation where you didn’t look gorgeous.”

His hands went to the tie at the right shoulder of her shirt and undid it, letting it fall forward. Her nipples, already hard at his presence, hardened even more at the cool air and the look on his face.

“Okay, let’s go down the hall before I take you here on the floor of my living room. I’ve already had you in a truck, I need to mind my manners now.”

She laughed and let him drag her down his hallway to his bedroom. A king sized bed dominated the space.

“I’ve been dreaming of this,” he murmured, pulling his shirt up and over his head. Her heart raced at the sight of him, tawny in the candlelight.

“God you’re beautiful.”

He stopped and cocked his head, smiling. “Thank you, sugar. I’ve got nothing on you.”

Her blouse lay around her waist and she removed it, laying it on the arm of a chair.

“Nothing on me.” She snorted. “Puhleeze. Look at yourself in that mirror there. You’re gorgeous. Hard and fit and muscular. I know you know you’re handsome, women fall over you all the time and you catch quite a few too.”

Chuckling, he unzipped her pants and shoved them down, letting her lean on him as she stepped out of them and her shoes.

“Good gracious.” He stalked around her, taking in every inch of her body. A body he’d helped her shape and strengthen. She’d never been ashamed of her nudity but she certainly felt a lot better about her overall tone and shape now that he’d kicked her ass for two and a half months.

“Now you. I want to see all of you.”

He stopped in front of her and slowly undid the buttons at the front of his jeans. Each pop of the seven buttons drew her nerves, and her nipples, tighter.

He shoved his jeans down and off his body, taking his socks off with them and then stood gloriously naked in front of her.

“Wow.” Her mouth dried up. Flat, hard stomach with an enchanting line of hair leading to his very healthy equipment. Listing to the left. She liked that, liked how it’d felt inside her. Right then it was very hard. “I do so love a man with such a good recovery time.”

He laughed but made no move to stop her as she took her time looking him over, taking in every inch of his body. Unable to stop herself, she skimmed her palms down his back and over his muscled ass. “This is even nicer unclothed.”

When she reached his front again, his eyes were a deep, dark green and a very naughty grin had taken residence on his lips. A thrill worked through her at the sight of that face. Shit, she totally should have started doing younger men years ago. Even as she thought it, she knew it was a lie. It wasn’t about his relative youth, it was about him.

“By the way? You’re not overcompensating. Not at all.”

Surprise overtook his features for a moment and he threw his head back to laugh. The floor swept out beneath her and she landed with a laugh on the bed, Marc looming over her.

“Did you like what you saw?”

“I like what I see very much. I’d like it even more if you got busy with all those arms and legs, your mouth and hands and that verra fine cock you’ve got there.”

“On your hands and knees then. Face the other way. I want to fuck you from behind but this way I can see your face in the mirror. See you come with those beautiful cat eyes looking up at me so you don’t forget who’s bringing you such pleasure.”

Holy shit, the man was lethal with the talking. Who knew? Ugh, again with the surprises. He was like the ultimate Pandora’s box of naughty.

She moved quickly and he settled himself behind her. They were well matched height wise, his groin pressed against her ass and the back of her pussy.

But he didn’t plunge in. Instead he bent and licked the length of her spine until a soft squeal of surprised pleasure came from her.

“I don’t have any neighbors and the shoe store is closed. Feel free to make as much noise as you like.” The edge of his teeth found her hip, biting her gently. “I just want to eat you up.” He paused and met her eyes in the mirror. “Again.”

She moaned as shivers of delight broke over her. She looked back, under the line of her body, watching as he sheathed himself.

“Now then.” He pressed the head of his cock just inside her body and waited. One of his hands gripped her hip, keeping her from ramming herself back against him to take him inside. The other stole around her body and palmed a breast, moving to slowly tug and roll the nipple until she writhed as much as she could.


“Please what? Tell me what you want, Liv.”

“Fuck me. Please. Stop teasing me and fuck me.”

“My pleasure.” He slid deeply into her in one strong push before pulling out nearly all the way.

If Marc hadn’t already loved her, watching her as he fucked her would have sealed the deal. It took a lot of trust for a woman to let herself be taken from behind like that. More trust to tell a man what she wanted and then to receive it with utter erotic abandon.

Her breasts swayed as she moved back to meet his thrusts, soft sounds broke from her as he played with her incredibly sensitive nipples. She was wet and creamy and he’d never felt anything as good as being deep inside her. His fingertips found her clit again, coaxing her into another orgasm.

And when she came? Holy moley she looked absolutely luscious. Her face flushed, eyes glassy, lips wet from her tongue. He’d seen a lot of women orgasm, but this one was beyond compare.

He loved how easy it was to make her climax as well. Once when he’d gone down on her, another as he made love to her in the truck, a third time with his hands just moments before and now he’d have her do it herself.

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