Thursday Thirteen

1. I have to sleep alone (I’m sure my husband will be happy to hear I’m sleeping alone, though, lolol) and I miss my husband 🙁

2. I miss Brianna. She always looks more grown up even if it’s just for two days.

3. I have to decide what clothes to bring.

4. I have to decide what shoes to bring.

5. Then I have to fit them all in a reasonable amount of luggage (I so could not backpack across Europe).

6. Things always crop up right when I’m about to leave town.

7. I always forget something.

8. Yet I always pack too much.

9. I have to choose what books I might be in the mood to read while gone (ebooks have made this much less painful, since I can fill my ebookwise, but I still like to bring one or two paperback from my TBR pile)

10. I hate packing. I hate packing. I hate packing.

11. For some reason, the house always seems messier when I’m trying to pack.

12. So then I come home to a messy house because I left it in a whirlwind state.

13. No morning IM chats with my bitches. *sob*

What do you hate about leaving town?

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