Will post a few pictures and a more detailed update tomorrow. I only got four hours of sleep last night and the drive home felt long. Of course, mine wasn’t as long as Crissy’s (ten hours) she still had 4 hours to go when I woke up from my two hour nap and called to check on her. Yuck!

Went to dinner with Josh and Brianna this evening. I swear to you, Brianna looks so much older and toddlerish, and her vocabulary/verbal skills are even better than when I left. I can’t believe how fast the changes happen. I was pretty convinced she didn’t miss me, because I don’t think she asked about me while I was gone and she certainly wasn’t interested in talking to me on the phone (normally she loves to talk on the phone). On the way home, I called to let them know where I was and she said, “I want to talk to Poppy.” Brat 😉 But when I got home, she came running and gave me a great cuddle, so she was at least a little happy to see me 🙂

I’ve ignored mostly all my email today and any work-type stuff. So you know this week is going to be crazy busy trying to get ahead/get caught up. Fun stuff.

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