Does anyone know of a good image/photo plugin to use? Or some way to align my photos right or left and float the text around them? Right now, if I put a photo in, the text won’t wrap around the photo, so it looks awkward in cases such as trying to load a cover in with the excerpts. I like what I’m using now, IImage Browser, but it does have some bugs and it doesn’t do exactly what I want. And right now, it won’t let me make thumbnails of my photos, so I’m having to upload them to photobucket. Blech.

Also, a spoiler plugin? So I can have people highlight the portion if they want to read the spoilers.

Oh, and I guess three…how urgent is it that I update my version of WordPress? It’s 2.0 and I’m reluctant to mess with updating it but keep wondering if I should.

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