I have no ebook releases from Samhain this week, but I did have four books release in print yesterday, so I’ll share covers and blurbs of those instead!

The Princes of Anfall by Ciar Cullen
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The greatest Elven Wizard fights to free Anfall of an ancient evil, and fights his love for the woman destined to marry his brother.

In the ancient, enchanted land of Anfall, wizards are dying out just when they are most needed to defend their world.

Kasmarin is the Prince Adept, a warrior wizard who has selflessly taken on the responsibility to defend the kingdom with his magic. He is bound by his sense of honor and by tradition, and bound by his oath to find a gifted woman to marry the King.

Lauren Emory, a New Yorker, crosses to Anfall to search for her brother, Tim. Pegged as the perfect match for the King, Kasmarin kidnaps her for his brother. A second brother, Sennsarin, tutors Lauren in her magic as the band risks all to rescue Tim Emory.

Humor and danger mix in this classic romantic fantasy with a theme of star-crossed lovers.

Midnight Temptation by Dee Tenorio
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Can a man who knows he shouldn’t, resist a woman who knows she can’t?

Raven Remington has secrets. Only one of which is how badly he wants his personal assistant, Vanessa Kaye, the beauty who refuses to be anything more than professional. A smart man would remove himself from temptation, but Raven can’t quite make himself ignore the longing in her eyes or the taste of her kiss. Soon, neither of them can fight their passion.

What Raven doesn’t know is that Vanessa has secrets of her own…

When she bargained with the devil of her dreams, they both found their heart’s delight.

Lord Demon’s Delight by Gia Dawn
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Demons of Dunmore Series

Lady Jessaline Nolan is as stubborn as her fiery red hair implies; thwarting her father’s wishes every chance she gets. The day of her impending forced marriage proves no exception. She swears she would rather marry a Demon of Dunmore than the man her father has chosen.

Lord Llewellyn Dunmore is happily unwed, as the men in his lineage have remained for generations. It’s become a family tradition. But he is drawn to the beautiful damsel in distress and agrees to save her on one condition—that she willingly succumb to his every sensual demand. To his utter surprise, she agrees.

While Jessaline’s father schemes to bring her back by any means necessary, Jessaline and Llewellyn spend their nights in decadent delight and three rather cranky fairy-godmothers lend their magical help to the lovers.

Darker secrets lurk, however, as well as a shadowy past that Jessaline is unaware of. Can the new love between Jessaline and Llewellyn survive when confronted with hidden truths?

Burning Reflections by Rachel Carrington
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Morgan Hennessy is a high-powered, North Carolina attorney who’s spent the past five years trying to forget her failed marriage to someone she’d once considered to be her best friend. Just when she thinks she’s gotten things together, the attentions of a colleague turn obsessive. Alive after one vicious attack, Morgan knows only one person can protect her now. Her ex-husband. The one man who still owns her heart.

Evan Hennessy, the small town sheriff of Skyler, North Carolina, has never forgotten the love he shared with his ex-wife and when she returns to his town, needing protection, he can’t refuse her. To do so would mean denying his own heart. And when she needs him to reassure her she’s as sexy as she once was despite her scars, Evan will do that, too. She walked out on him once and he’s been waiting five years for her return. Hell itself won’t be able to tear her out of his arms this time.

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